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  • The Rise of JJ Skywalker.............

  • Just got back from seeing it. Definitely a nostalgia trip if you grew up skating anywhere between 1995-2005, and some of the cameos are great.

    Getting skaters to act, rather than actors to skate kept it feeling really authentic, but it needed a more substantial story to make me care about the characters more though

  • The Sisters Brothers is great, beautifully shot and great acting by the four main characters.

  • Saw Wild Rose last night, entertaining enough but a bit too sentimental and contrived. The interactions between the mother, grandmother and kids were for the most part very well observed.

  • Another positive vote here for The Sisters Brothers. There have been some great Westerns released over the last few years.

  • Belfast film festival is back.

    Going to see two hours showing of Adult Swim's "the shivering truth" shorts tonight.

  • The Dirt was disappointing in every way, disjointed and technically bad.

  • You were taking it seriously?

    I think this was your first mistake... It's trash!!!

  • Guava Island, visually and musically great but the plot is weak as hell. And why no singing from Rihanna?

  • finally some love for Sisters Bros

  • Finally got around to watching you were never really here last night.

    Really, really impressed. I'd recommend you don't watch any trailers if you're interested.

  • I loved it - really intense.

  • Those panic moments were filmed so tightly it made it very intense/ suffocating.

  • On a Lynne Ramsey note, I rewatched We Need To Talk About Kevin last night and had forgotten quite how claustrophobic she manages to make things feel

  • Love that movie - completly.

  • Guava Island is worth a seeing, there’s not much of a story but its heart is in the right place and it looks and sounds great. Enjoyable but it’s no Lemonade.

  • Finally got around to watching The Master. Maybe my favourite PTA film. Costume team did an incredible job. Department Store scene was incredible. Whole thing was just right up my street. Jonny Greenwood’s score was stellar as always.

  • Robot and Frank is on the BBC right now. I really enjoyed it the first time I saw it, a bit twee in places but it got me.

  • World on a wire (1978): Rainer Werner Fassbinder sci-fi movie based on Similacrum3 novel.

    A bum numbing 3.5 hours but thoroughly enjoyable. Full of great camera work (photographer worked on the sopranos later), weird moods / scenes and charmingly dated technology / scenery that somehow doesn't distract. Recommended.

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