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  • Nice double bill of well crafted tearjerkers for me tonight...Ma Ma and The Good Neighbor (sic).

    Penelope Cruz & James Caan deserve massive credit for carrying their respective movies like thespian tyrannosaurs.

    Highly recommend both films.

  • a friend told me about an icelandic arthouse film called rams ? where all the sheep seen in the movie are name checked in the end credits

  • Me Before You

    Not enough dragon action, but pleasing nonetheless, and managed to avoid the worst tropes and clichés of the genre.

  • Watched it on the plane. I thought the same.

    Also watched

    The Way Way Back
    The Nice Guys

    Demolition was a bit lacklustre, got bored but since I was stuck on a flight I wanted to finish it, but the rest were all great, especially The Way Way Back.

  • popstar.

    verr funny, top tier saturday night lels.

  • Sleepwalker: 1985
    Not bad, but I expected too much perhaps.

    The bfi release contains a few extra, insomniac and working surface (also from Saxon Logan) are well worth a watch.

  • Just watched Triple 9.
    Not bad, entertaining enough. It's no Heat (I'm sure every review says something similar)
    Kate Winslet does a pretty poor accent and Casey Affleck looks more like Ben every day

  • I watched this last night, it's really good!

  • Best news I've had in ages

  • Calibre 9: A competent Italian 70s gangster movie. Bit long in places, 70s clichés also apply. But fine colours (yes for real film) and turns a few things on its head near the end. It really worked.

    See also rabid dogs well worth a watch.

    Planning to see hell or high water / the blue room this week.

    I have "hard to be a god" on rental at home oooh dunno gonna be navel gazing overlong wank or not...only one way to find out.

  • Kubo and the two strings: Not bad well executed hero story :)

  • warcroft: loved it. 9/10. don't evn care if it was an extended cutscene. i really want to play wow again. #kilrogg4lyf

  • Killer clowns from outer space...gonna be have to be good after some drink...right?

    Edit: it was, excellent cheese worth a watch :)

  • Anyone see Swiss Army Man yet?

  • yup, quite enjoyed it, totally original idea and entertaining.

  • Between Swiss Army Man and Thunderpants, my question is this: When will there be a Hermione fart film? Because I'd watch that.

  • Hell or High Water is fucking brilliant.

  • Yeah I enjoyed that. Fairly straight forward but nicely done.
    Also enjoyed (for the most) The Girl With All The Gifts.

  • Under the shadow: No massive surprises but good for what it is :)

  • Probably late go to the party but really enjoyed A woman walks home alone in the dark

  • Hard to be a god (2013) 2.5 hours of mud, mumbling, madness, chaotic cruelty and randomness.

    I couldn't really get into it...

    Can't beat the mood and the cinematography, poverty, dirt and its very Russian (dunno how to explain) but I may like the book better :)

  • I saw a clip of that, the frigging soundtrack took two years or something, the ambient noise of a medieval scene.

  • Supersonic. Really fucking funny

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