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  • You should all go see Zodiac, it's ace. Got more grip than one of these:

    Plus 28 Weeks Later is worth watching. But perhaps it's just I enjoyed watching Canary Wharf getting napalmed a little too much....

  • true Zodiac's worth the ticket and the 3 hours...

  • Apocalypto is my latest favourite

  • scott its about time we revived this discussion!:)

  • i ain't seen that:(
    tell you what i will be buying on dovde........death proof/planet terror,when they come out.

  • but you didn't.....good fucking friend you are! so taking back planet terror/death proof :(

  • ok....I'll buy you some beans

  • fp4 e100s and tri-X are my favorite films

  • its because your a twat photographer.

  • is that he-man masters of the universe i see on the top shelf(left)?

  • your favourite scott Viva La VHS!!!

    And every shelf is two layers deep....hehe

    think you might have a lil problem moving down to london with all that : )

  • your favourite scott oh my god.....freaky mind link!

    on the same weird wave length :)

  • that was the second spot i was going to mention it :)

  • this is an amazing trailer for was made for the grindhouse films­Y

  • "an outstanding action packed adventure" brilliant
    ninja terminator looks amazing!

  • the voice over is amazing!

    now get your goggly eyes around this one!

  • Haa yeah...and i dont know :)
    i do know how much i love the mortal kombat film...and thats alot!

  • who was your favourite kombat character?

    mine was sub zero.

  • yeah same here.....ive got my house mate addicted to mortal kombat deadly alliance.....I WANT TO PLAY IT!!

  • alright alright I'll watch it!

  • "why have i done it again?"
    "because your fat".........what a great line,thats why i love British films...its so much easier to relate.

  • that looks brilliant.....ive got to see some shane meadows films

  • cool,when are you down next?

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