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  • After realising that I've got a hub that is never going to give me a good chainline no matter how many washers i add to the cranks or mess about with, I've decided I need to get some new wheels.

    My front cranks have a 41mm chainline. They're external bearing, and the spider doesn't allow me to shift the chainring to the outside so adjusting that is not really that great an option.

    Any recommendations?

    Phil Wood - too expensive :(
    Goldtec - 45mm chainline
    Surly - 47mm chainline
    Level - the cogs seem silly. i'd rather buy a chainwhip.


  • you can tweak chainline with your choice of cog my condor came with a cheap cog that meant the pins of the chain were only a fag paper away from the spoke heads now with an eai cog the chain is further away from the flange and the chainline is better, i think there is a chart on sheldon brown of the different cog measurements

    i recommend the goldtec hubs but don't know how they will fit in with your chainline.

  • doesn't campag have a 40 mm chainline on 110 mm hubs..?

  • sorry, forgot to mention my dropouts are spaced 132.5mm, so either 130 or 135 will work.

  • Standard track chainline is 42 mm this should be fine for your chain ring. Get a 120 mm hub and replace the axel with a good qulity long replacement and add spcers. A good quality 10 mm BMX axel is probably the easiest to find if the shop does nopt have a repalcement axel.

  • Asymmetric surly cogs are good because you can tweak the chainline depending on which way you thread them on. probably a couple of mm diference between them

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