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  • So, I started on EggBeaters yesterday - well to be more precise Candy C pedals (like an eggbeater but in a shell)

    • I had a lot of trouble with my shoes... bearing in mind also that it was my first time on clipless!!! What fun.

    My problem is that my MTB shoes....

    .... have these blue rigid things that recess the cleat, u know the stuff, so that u can walk. The problem is that because of the platform on the pedals the cleats don't engage fully, and as they are CrankBrothers Cleats they have a left and right (instead of the SPD front and back). The problem is that right foot disengages at 10degrees, and the left at around 30degrees..... this made for a lot of fun doing failed track stands as my side, arse and knee will tell you!!

    Has anyone else had this sort of trouble.... my plan is just to go out and get some normal egg beaters - do u think that will solve the problem? I hope so because it really put me off clipless riding yesterday!

  • get time atac's, they're the bollocks...

  • I went with the 'caged' spd's when I first bought them as I thought I'd ride with flat shoes sometimes. What actually happens is you find the cage to be a waste of metal and buy spd's (or eggbeaters) sans cage.
    I would get the cageless ones before writing off clipless. I'm a clipless whore though, even if I do randomly unclip when skidding :D

  • Are Time Atacs really that much better? Are they easy to get in and out? which pedal should I buy?

  • i don't think atacs are recessed, so it'll be a bit tricky walking - but i might be wrong.

    the eggbeaters without the shell would be ok wouldn't they? plus anyone who tried to ride off with your bike might struggle a bit!

  • Do u think that ATAC would work with my shoe?

  • Atacs will work on any mtb shoe that takes spds (all?), whether the cleat is recessed or not depends on the shoe. I would guess that the tread on the shoe wouldnt interfere with clipping/unclipping as the cleat sort of sits on the pedal rather than in it as with the candys, I've certainly never had any problems. That said, "go and buy another pedal system" isn't the most helpful advice when you've just bought yours. Maybe you could get a spacer and some longer bolts to raise the sole above the cleat, might feel a bit funny though. Clipless is definately worth sticking with.

  • Atacs will last you a lifetime! I have one set, the cheaper alium, that lasted 2+ years messengering and they're still sound. My first pair of SPD lasted about a year and were completely knackered. And from what I've read and have been told, eggbeater cleats wear down faster than atac or shimano.
    Only reason I don't ride them now is because I went through 3 pairs of shoes and 3 sets of cleats within that time. A bit on the expensive side for replaceable footwear!

    And about your left and right differences... Are both cleats positioned the same way?

  • also trampsparadise reminded me of something i was told by chainreactioncycles... where there is no supporting body other than the cleat on eggbeaters they wear away at the soles of your shoes more than others. they sell these metal plates to screw in between the cleat and shoe to stop it, but it's a bit of a kludge.

  • trampsparadise And about your left and right differences... Are both cleats positioned the same way?

    They only have left and right so they are the same either way up - One cleat is different from the other - it has 2 circles on it - when that one is on the right foot it means both shoes 15degree unclip, when that cleat is on the left foot it means both feet 20degree unclip.

    Rattlebag That said, "go and buy another pedal system" isn't the most helpful advice when you've just bought yours..... Clipless is definately worth sticking with.

    i actually got given the crank brothers pedals - so I'm quite happy to go out and get atac if it's good - I just want to know that I will be able to get in and out easily after all the problems yesterday - it's not nice falling sideways when stationary more than twice! :-(

    Which ATAC pedal is the best, they are quite cheap.... £29.99, I'm assuming they come with cleats...

  • Cant go wrong with aliums IMO. I think some of the more expensive ones are made out of lighter stuff and have various exciting functions such as adjustable tension but for the money I'd get the aliums (all will come with cleats).

  • OK - then to Evans I go tomorrow! Thanks guys...

  • Evans? Wha? Buy online if Evans is your only choice man.. unless you know someone in one?

  • There is one near my house and I have the day off tomorrow so I want to buy them and get practicing asap. There is no difference in price that I can see between Evans and online for the Time ATAC Alium.

    I'd rather not use Evans, but sometimes they just come in handy

  • evans near waterloo keeps giveing me free stuff... a spoke, a quick realse scewer, some other stuff... now i feel obligated to go spend money there.

  • if you wanna talk to pros tho go to cyclefit, they know everything that is there to know, if you bring your shoes they'll place the cleats in the right place for you.

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Started on EggBeatersCandy Yesterday!

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