Stolen Lemond Fillmore

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  • I've been lurking for a while, and wish my first post wasn't about this, but...

    Bit of a long shot, but I had my first single-speed stolen on Thursday evening, only two days after buying it! Feel stupid, as it was locked with an old D-lock, as my bigger lock was still on my old bike. Still, broad daylight on New Oxford St.

    Anyway, if anyone sees a Lemond Fillmore selling suspiciously or something let me know, for what good it'll do. Still had the "61cm" sticker on the seat tube, the reflector on the front handlebars had a cable-tie in place of a screw, and it had light brackets on handlebar and seat post.

    Took me ages to find one in that size. And yes, I've just been poking round Brick Lane, but no luck there.

    Thanks. Back to the mountain bike for a while.

  • If i see it i'll kick em off. You got a pic, or maybe a stock pic? I'm not sure what a lemond looks like. Flat/drop bars?

    Any by the way, what d-lock did you have on it? I'm fan of d-locks after i had a 'reclaimed my stolen bike' experience. Was it the kind with a circular barrel-style key? Cos they can be picked quite easily, check youtube for vids.

  • lpg, here's a stock picture:

    Yeah, it was one of those barrel-style key d-locks. I haven't used it for years -- I usually use an Abus "Steel-o-flex", which is really heavy and hopefully harder to crack. But that was on my old bike, and I was just popping out for a couple of hours, and this old d-lock will probably be fine, and what are the chances of... oh.

  • Ah right. I had one of those crappy barrel d-locks, didn't know they could be picked so easily...Till one day, walked out of a shop to find some dude putting a pen inside it! Rode off all the way down holloway road, has to chase the fucker Solid Snake style, then when i caught up to him he just jumped off ...

  • man, I feel 'gutted' for you, that must hurt bad

  • nice bike i like white bikes

  • the lemond is grey, or dark white.

  • Yeah, it's darker grey than it appears in that photo.

  • ill keep my eyes out, that fukin sucks.

  • yeah, i know exactly how you feel, sorry

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Stolen Lemond Fillmore

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