Bridgestone Vs Gan Well Pro

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  • stupidpony crumbs your up early Winston..

    A couple of years back I brought a Cinelli frame in the states, Lower East side bikes, it wasn’t the cheapest frame but it sure did look pretty, It fits me like a glove, a glove made out of bike.

    Anyways up, it’s not the best tubing, it’s not speced with high end campy, stuff but it’s a sweet ride. I used it for courier work, embassy’s, nothing brutal, if the truth be told more hanging about than riding. (nothing new there) No one gave me any grief for having a nice bike. Even Tofu smiled benignly at it. (I shit you not)

    Come the winter I swapped to riding my battered old Fondriest, If you didn’t know shit about bikes you’d think it cost a score from Brick lane. But a closer look would reveal Campy cranks and a decent set of wheels. Again a sweet ride, if a little understated.

    Any ways up, it’s now spring again and as if by magik23 if has become ubber achingly hip/radical/underground overground wombbeling free whatever to ride a track bike on the streets. As I sit here typing from my penthouse throne, breathing in the rarefied air of Hackney I witness a log jam of assorted track bike types vying for space to jump the light.

    My problem is I am no longer a courier, I have escaped and now is about the time I would be greasing up the Cinelli and riding round the outer circle trying to lose weigh. But I have a dilemma, I look like a courier wannabe on a track bike but I work in costume. Sometimes I wear Dickies™ and have 3. Yes three courier bags.

    What should I do? I love to ride my bike but I don’t want to get spat at by the new bloods on singles with no breaks (how do they stop?)

    Confused of Hackney..

    do what you want to do...

    none of my mates rides bikes seriously (unless I can count you group of reputable individuals)

    I like pretty bikes... I love riding to work and around london... and I really love it when it's sunny

    if you want to ride your cinelli in the sunshine, just go out, close your eyes to who's around you make big S turns and go wheeeeeee

    they'll all want to be you ( 'man did you see that guy... he was feelin it' )

  • do ANYTHING you want to do...

    Eddie & the HotRods..

    thanks bread, you'll catch me most nights spinning across Waterloo bridge around about 8 thirty giving it plenty of whheeee.

    Check out the Gormley it's the best bit of public art..ever

  • there was an accident on waterloo bridge the other day, happened a few mins before i cycled over, i think the driver had been looking at the gormley on the opposite pavement.

  • It's in the sky, you need to walk across, preferably with a cold bottle of beer just as the sun is setting behind the Savoy. There everywhere...

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Bridgestone Vs Gan Well Pro

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