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  • I've used Cyclemeter for a couple of years - really like it.

    Doesn't kill your battery like Strava does and emails you your route at the end of the ride - also posts to facebook if you like that sort of thing.

    I prefer it to Strava as it gives you average speed over each mile of the ride on a G map on your PC/ iPad rather than pointless league tables of someone else's segments.

    I can't compare with dedicated devices as I've never needed to buy one.

  • Girl says not to pull the trigger till after Christmas... hint hint! But thanks for your advice.

  • Cross-over computers/ Tri watches

    I recently sold my running watch, and bike computer with a view to combine the two in one unit, or at least be able to have all the data in one place. So two separate devices that upload to the same site is also an option. Definitly want GPS tracking, and maps would be nice, but not really prioritised.

    I'm pretty invested in Ant+. As I have a load of sensors already, and dont want to swap them out, as I use them with trainerraod. So heres my wish list of what the device should be compatible with via Ant+.

    Speed/cadence sensor.
    HRM belt.

    Footpod cadence.
    HRM belt.

    Possibly swimming stuff. As I'm feeling the mid-life crisi draw to sleeveless silliness.

    Garmin 910xt.

    Bryton Cardio 60.

    Magellan Switch up.

    Timex global trainer.

    Suunito Armbit.


    Putting this here to pre-empt the hippy merge. I'll add further options, pics and specs later.

  • Suunto used to use ANT rather than ANT+, with my PC-7 it's a distinct option (Suunto ANT) that you have to select in order for their sensors to communicate.

    Worth checking that the watch you get has the ability to support ANT+.

  • Its a lose list TBH. I intend to add units, and specs.

    Just wanted somewhere to do comparisions. Plus I'm finding this to be an interesting device to research.

    There are real reasons not to buy any of them, save the 910xt. When you get into the nitty gritty of it. Garmins massive market share starts to make sense. I actually really liked the look of the motoactiv. Cant believe it was discontinued.

    The Leikr doesnt currently do anything other than GPS. But it has the hardware in place to be truly awesome. Assisted GPS, Bluetooth, Ant+, WiFi, accelerometer, big memory, and decent processor. I've been in contact with them via quite a few E-mails. They've been really helpful and honest. The pretty basic list of functions I'd like to see are in the pipeline. I would have liked an altometer, being based near the mountains. But then I never got into calibrating my last one for realtime use. So i guess I could live with GPS altitude logging.

  • Experimented with the Wahoo fitness key this morning, with my Powercal HR strap.

    Initially I used the Wahoo Utility to scan and recognise the two sensors that the HR strap presents as - a power meter and a heart rate meter in one.

    I then opened the Wahoo Fitness app- which didn't recognise either sensor.


    I then opened Strava, which immediately recognised both sensors (although I don't know if this was the result of the initial pairing in the Wahoo Utility or not, to be fair).

    Rode to work, had an argument with a bloke in a van (tricky doing a chicken impersonation whilst track standing), got to work and Strava had neatly logged HR, GPS track, Power and Speed.

    Downloaded the GPX and had a look at that- sadly this doesn't include power data (I am guessing you'd need a TCX for that, which they no longer allow you to download?)

    So I entered the ride metrics into Training Peaks manually, which gave me a TSS value- the goal here.

    A bit of fiddling later and the Wahoo Fitness App had decided that my HR/PWR strap did exist after all, so I'll test that on the way home.

    The Wahoo App is configured to automatically upload the ride data to services of your choice, I have Strava and Training Peaks configured, so theoretically once I hit "save" the ride data will go to both of these.

    I've been putting commuting miles into Training Peaks with a very broad estimate of TSS so far, and when I'm lazy and do the whole thing at the end of the week I've often forgotten how much effort I was making, so the goal here is to have a much more accurate (although yes, this is a PowerCal) record of what I've actually been doing.

    One last thing- running Stava, the Wahoo App and the fitness key all at once chewed through half my iPhone 4's battery in the space of 50 minutes.

  • I do want to start logging TSS on my outside rides.

    The Timex might have that feature. I think the Garmin does already.

    Ultimatly I'd like everything in Trainingpeaks. So maybe I dont need this on the device. But it did seem a neat feature.

    Cant quite decide wether to gamble on the leikr, as I love the big screen. Or just go with the predictable 910xt. I did a couple swimming laps last night. If I start swimming properly the Garmin wins hands down.

  • The pool-lap counting feature of the Garmin is great if you are a thicko like me and find counting to 60 in your head whilst trying to swim as fast as possible a hard thing to do.

  • I dont think I'll have to worry about that. I sink after 10 laps.

  • Has anyone got or used a Wahoo Rflkt?

    I was mainly looking at using it for Ride With GPS, as a GPS device. But after reading about it, it seems like it might have some long term uses as it's just a display/remote for your phone.


    I bought one and I'm using only using it with ride with GPS at the current time

    My summary review is that when it works it's good. However it is the opposite of fit and forget. With mine if you don't follow the exact process from scratch, every time, it mugs you off. I've also had problems when pausing it say for lunch - when I return the GPS direction element no longer functions and I have to save and start a new rid... .Sort of defeating the point of pausing during a ride.

    But for navigation it seems to be working.

    I'll report back when I've given it more use and become more a custom to it.

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Cycle Computer

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