Sticking Abus Granite Lock

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  • I have an Abus Granite 1000 Cable lock and its now getting to be a PITA to open and close. Really feels like you have to force the key to turn etc.

    I've tried lightly oiling the key entry but it hasn't done jack. Any suggestions?

  • tried wd40?

  • The best stuff to use on locks is graphite grease - a dry lubricant which is basically fine powdered graphite dust that you blow into the lock from a little dispenser bottle.
    If you use oil / WD40 etc they turn all the dust & crud in the lock turn into a sticky mess that stays inside.
    Two downsides to graphite grease - the little bottles are a bit pricey, and for a while anytime you use your lock your hands look like you've been in an art class.

  • Another option is to get a pencil and rub it all over the key.

    I have the same problem with my Abus every so often - I just stick the little pipe of a spray can of 3-in-1 teflon oil (similar to WD40 I guess) and spray till it comes out of the lock. That seems to sort it out for six months or so.

  • anyone know where the best place to get graphite grease is? lock is getting difficult and don't want to break my key in it

  • wd40 is the best or it could be if you are using your lock a lot the key wears out, try using the spare.

  • I've had a lot of luck using some kind of cheapo chain-lube in my cablelocks.

  • GT85 seems to do pretty much anything, worked a treat in my lock.

  • if it's less than a year old then take it back to the shop you bought it from and they will send it back to abus who will look at it & hopefully replace it - that's what they did for me. If your LBS is nice maybe they'll lend you a lock in the meantime.

  • get the graphite from re-fillable pencils and just crunch some up in there.

  • I had the same problem... you still got your spare key? Try that. It turned out that my main key was subtly bent and that resulted in non-alignment which made it feel like it was sticking.

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Sticking Abus Granite Lock

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