Bag broke while riding...

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  • This has kinda been covered before but from a different angle. I was riding home last friday and my bag strap decided to rip off. And I was carrying a bottle of champagne at the time! Anyway, I thought it was a good excuse to get a decent courier style bag.

    Options 1 is a bagaboo (slightly customised probably 75-100 smackers).

    Option 2 is an off the peg type thing. But what options are there?? Timbuk2, Chrome. But are any of these any good??

    It doesn't have to be courier type industructable as its just for commuting, but i want it to be strong and have the good features. Any other recommendations??

  • my ex-girlfreind bought me a karriimor one about 6 years ago, i know they're a crap name it was cheap, used it ever single day,carrying me laptop, beers, tools, pump jacket etc, still in really good nick, plenty of pockets, waterproof, stays in the right place etc........ can't really ask for more. cheaper on the bay at the mo.

  • BrickLaneBikes has some incredible PAC bags - they are pricey but I think they have a LIFETIME gaurentee....

  • glow

    I see your handbag and raise you a saddle:

  • ghetto fabulous saddle!

    maybe i'll check out those PAC bags, people really rate them don't they? i don't mimd it being a bit expensive, over 100 would hurt though, a lot.

  • i really like crumpler bags, been using a black very busy man for a 3-4 years, it's a laptop bag, very padded, waterproof and holds a change of clothes/shoes plus other bits and pieces it's lasted well but was quite expensive, £100? i also use crumpler camera bags as they are made from waterproof fabric and don't look too 'pro' when i'm carry expensive camera gear around.
    so having reccommended crumpler i am about to order a bagaboo once i have sorted a design out as i need an even bigger bag to get laptop and a full change of clothes in, if budget is an issue then the crumpler sticky date is a great bag (and big) if you get it from ebay it can be nearly half rrp.

  • Elvis ghetto fabulous saddle!

    maybe i'll check out those PAC bags, people really rate them don't they? i don't mimd it being a bit expensive, over 100 would hurt though, a lot.

    I think some of them are nearly £300

  • jonaent I think some of them are nearly £300

    yeah, just had a look at their site. too rich for me.

  • I like my Chrome. It is comfortable, solid, and fits a bunch of stuff. I got it once I got a bike without a rack, and I do not miss having a rack at all.

  • get a decent rucksack .... and karrimor are a very good make up there with berghaus 100 squid for a bag sounds a bit pricey

  • if you want a chrome or timbuk2 you're better off at buying online, i nearly spat my tongue out when i saw the prices CONdor cycles put on chrome bags!
    and others
    i use a Royal Mail bag, it was cheap and it's quite spacey.
    By the way messenger bags are just good if you keep needing to get stuff out of it otherwise what the hell is wrong with rucksacks?
    I dont get it

  • i've used both rucksacks and shoulder type bags for years. i just find that with shoulder type bags my back doesn't sweat as much.

  • i got a crome bag, that i got at a seccond hand shop, its a bit small, but it was only $20 i would go for one of their larger sizes if i was buying it new, and im probly going to buy a new crome bag when i get back state side. they are comfy and waterproof (and vegan)

  • Anyone have a Bailey Works? Is the reversible strap really as great as it sounds? How does the rest of it hold up?

  • I really like reloaded bags.... and buying from the US seems like a good idea right now.

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Bag broke while riding...

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