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  • Hey peopel, who of you can pull off nice tricks on a fixie?
    I've been riding fixed for a little and skidding is as far as i got so far my w/e bike wouldnt have any of that.
    Anywhay i just wanna know if there's any of you out there that rolls around the city at nite with a bit of booze in the belly.

  • rolling around with a bit of booze in the belly is pretty much what we're ALL about I think Stef :-D

    • 10 pints to that.

    My commute is 13 miles and I have done that at all times of the night 12:00 till 06:00 and any time inbetween.

    Tricks? hmm

    I have pulled a few backward circles but I do not have them dialed by any accounts.

  • no handed no footed backwards circles - 19 in a row so far.

  • man if you had managed 20 I would have been impressed but I have seen a squirel on a bike do 19.

  • I saw that too, it was after half a bottle of vodka. The squirrel also did wheelies.

  • seriously - here is our own Ted ripping it up, months ago..

    - fixedgearlondon superted[/ame]

  • thing is i wanna get on with it just none of my mates cycle...they all did a weird face when i told them i made it to brighton on fixed.

  • Oh, you came last sunday too? What did you look like? I was the one going round and round the roundabout cos of my clips ...
    i can do backwards circles!!

  • i'm the one that asked if you were ok after you fell because of your clips, also i'm the one that said "fuck this" at the last climb.
    Went round to see if any of us was around town but didn't see anyone.
    backward cycles is what i'm trying to pull off but it ain't working, it took me about two weeks to get properly used to fixed riding.
    yeah london to brighton was like my 5th day on fixed

  • Oh shit, Stefano, i remember you ... Yeah, you were the only dude that saw me fall (phew!).
    You should come down to Regents park this thursday around 6pm. Basically it's a "race" around north west london. It hasn't happened the last 2 weeks cos o' rain/lack o' planning, but providing the weather is alright this thursday i'll be there, probably with Dicki (the guy on the white Alu Cannondale ...). Hill-training is the best for fitness...i have to balance out the negative health effects of Marlboro reds...

    Oh yeah, I gotta do something about those shitty clips....

  • i'll try but thursday's a bit difficult for me being a shift worker and all that.
    I think i'll give it a try on sunday then grab some food at the pub on top of the hill, anyone want to come along? my miss is at work so not much to do till the afternoon.
    talking about shitty clips, look are good for road but try to skid on them at full speed in traffic...i need to get something different

  • Stef - there's a few of us getting together on sunday for a ride/pub. We've no route planned so could be persuaded to tackle high gate hill

    check here

  • damnham tackle high gate hill

    Hey that's not a trick! unless you wheelie up the hill..

  • i was gonna do it backwards

  • I need someone to teach me how to do a trackstand. I've seen some people doing it sitting! Would be great to be able to ride a whole route without having put a foot down. I've been slowing down at the lights so that I'm moving very gently and can get going when the lights change, but usually have to put my foot down. So to those of you who can do it, is it easier than it looks and is it easy to learn? Hopefully this won't spiral off into a discussion about stopping at the lights.

  • i can do short stands, but not throug a hole light (who waits that long any way?) i coudl try to show you on monday if we have time after the wheel building. basicly thigns to remember are roll to a stop, strong leg forward pedals even to the ground, front wheel almost 90 degrees towards your front foot.

  • arup: I lernt on a freewheel bike on a slight up hill, this way the hill does the back pedaling for you and any chain slop will not be an issue plus you can roll to a stop with your feet in your prefured balance position. Come for a drink some time with us on sunday and we can all have a play at it!

  • trackstands = just confidence. Its way easier than you think. Just need to lose the idea that you will fall off and you will be fine (admittedly not that easy in front of a bunch of peds + cars).

  • i can wheelie for 2/3 minutes at a time on my bmx not fixed though

  • dicki
    on my bmx not fixed though
    i used to be able to hop up a kerb

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Fixed Tricks

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