best way so secure a new cog...

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  • finally got my new wheel, don't want to fuck up the threads.......whats the most secure way of fitting. new cog and lockring.

  • Grease, run it on and off a few times, this will clear any burs left over from the machining process then clean cog and hub up. This also stops any nasty little bits of metal getting caught in the threads when you whack it up tight. Then blue loctite it on with the rotafix method then secure lockring with a good tool with plenty of leverage or a hammer and punch. Some people say grease the cog on butthe loctite will over some lubrication when fitting. See what other ideas come up.

  • If the hub is good quality it warrants less attention. But regardless, i would just put some copper/lithium grease on the threads of the cog/hub, then screw it on. Bricks idea about putting it on/taking it off to clean the threads is really good - i never thought of that before. By the way, i'm off to the post office to post your pedals ....

  • Grease cog liberally, put on, clean area, grease lockring liberally and inside face of lockring, put on, clean area.

    That said, I didn't take note of the liberally part before and stripped a hub. That is my new method which I'll be trying on a new wheel tomorrow.

  • lpg, thanks buddy
    p.s. i owe you a pint for the postage

  • so........threadlock or grease on the locknut???

  • If it's a track hub (two different threads on the same side), then just grease it, screw it on tight, then put lock-ring on. After a while riding it, tighten everything up down there and it'll be fine. Thread-lock it only if your sure that's the right gear for you and your chainline is good.

    The axle locknut, it doesn't really matter if you grease it.

  • thanks buddy

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best way so secure a new cog...

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