While the cats away...

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  • ...the mice go cycling...My girlfriend is off to a wedding in scotland this weekend and I do not have to go anywhere.Yeah!
    Bussy till about 6ish on sat
    Any takers for a saturday night pub crawl / spin? or a sunday ride / pub crawl / pub spin?

    We could try and do a compass ride. Hit a pub in W, SW, SE, E and N then od course there is EC and WC. Or just ride between some good pubs in London.

  • I'm up for this. My wife is truly AWOL as I haven't seen her in 7 weeks (half of our marriage), so anything that involves alcohol and me being occupied with something is good.

    Usual caveat... if she does materialise I'm staying in.

  • i should be free too

  • i'm down, sat or sun is cool with me

  • im up 4 a beer in south east..where were you thinking?

  • I'm going to be pootling around on Sundday prob nr Greenwich, I've just just taught a friend how to ride a bike (he's 22!) and now he's got his own, we're going for a short ride to build up his confidence. Will be up for joining you when you hit near that area maybe?

  • I'm in.

  • Two options really.

    Sat would be a meet up get round as many pubs in a short time prob keep it all quite centralish. Midnight mayhem.

    Sun we could meet up late morning / earl afternoon ride some where , drink and grab lunch ride to new pub ride new pub ride e.t.c. Could go over a larger area, as we would have more time would not want to go on too late though because of monday morning.

    Which ever gets the vote I supose.

    Anyother sugestions welcome. I don't have a clue about good routes / pubs so let post 'em up.

  • brockley bardge!!!!

  • centralish on sat sounds good to me as i live out west,

  • What ever happens I think a central meeting point is the only way to go.

  • this still on? what's the plan?

  • Why ever not?

    Shall we try and get a consensus on sat night or sunday?

    I would probibly plump for sat but being English I do not wish to have too storng an opinion and unwhittingly offen anyone so could easaly curmble and change my mind to sunday.

    31trum seems to say sat.

    photoben is a sunday man.

    Lets get that swingometer going!

  • I'd prefer sunday but am easy either way

  • it's also supposed to be pissing down on sunday

  • hmm yes sat is black a cloud with two rain drops but sunny spells and sun is just balck cloud but with only one rain drop. Not sure which is best weather wise.

  • mind you it's "supposed" to be raining today....

  • damn, just been told it's a mates birthday tomorrow, believe it or not going to Maidenhead of all places....not sure who said they were moving there. i'll keep an eye out for fixies tho.
    also not sure what state i'll be in on sunday...so count me out, unless i'm well. and just find out were everyone is.

  • slamm, aidan, photoben, velocity boy any thoughts on what day?

  • Both are easy/difficult for me.

    I'm out drinking (heavily) on tomorrow night (Saturday) near TCR. If it's during the day then Saturday is cool be me. If it's during the evening then Sunday looks better for me.

    But then again, I might be drunk in a gutter somewhere.

  • I know it's not helping to make a decision but I'm pretty easy too.
    Either day is good for me.

  • tempted to take the bike by the bullhorns and say let's do Sunday‚Ķ

  • Yep I was getting that vibe.

    See I told you I would fold.

    Meet central London, Hyde park band stand as per other events?

    Time? I has to be a day time thing for me on sunday, can go on it to the early evening but not that much I have a bussy monday.

    I am throughing 12:00 miday as a starting point into the ring. Lets go!

  • 12's good with me

  • so how many miles you thinking sunday?

    I'll try to get along even if it's just for a bit

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While the cats away...

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