Does Pogliaghi have a color?

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  • Like Bianchi celeste? What's THE Pogliaghi color? If the answer is none then I'm going to have to say fuck it and get my shit painted like so:­Italian/Pogliaghi/Merboth/full.jpg
    Unless someone has a better suggestion...

  • Looks very much like Naz's Bob Jackson:

    Want me to ask Naz what the name of his colour is?

  • And yes, that was the bike that convinced me in a single photograph to get a Bob Jackson of my own.

  • I know naz I can ask the homie. I was more wondering if Pogliaghi had an iconic color similar to celeste for bianchi.

  • and yeah that shit is insane hot.

  • I really like that milky metallic blue, but most of the Pogs I've seen have been red

  • what type of seat pin is that on the jackson?

  • The paint work on that Pogliaghi looks very much like that of the USA Masi ones with the flags and all that.

    Rossin bought the Pogliaghi name somewhere late 70s early 80s though, so unless yours is from before that....

    Btw. Have you send my t-shirt yet Jack?

  • Miche supertype seatpost on the Jackson?

  • looks like it

    its gorgeous

  • there are a few on ebay, a bit cheaper

  • Yeah it's a Rossin frame. I haven't sen't yer shirt yet cause I DON"T KNOW YER DAMN ADDRESS! It's been sittin here forever holmes.

  • Metro heej, I don't have to work 5 days ;)

  • cocksmorkers

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Does Pogliaghi have a color?

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