I Hate Mondays

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  • went for a nice bank holiday matinee film viewing at the Rio Dalston, only to walk out and find some little fuckin shite had pinched my seat & post!
    I'd used THREE locks on the rest of it as I know it can be a bit dodgy, had filled allen holes with silicone sealant, (having said that I think I did notice the other day one side was missing) and seat was zip tied to post.
    The little fuckers got a way with three sets of posts and seats from the bike park outside between 4 and 6 on a monday afternoon.

    I'm starting to loose all faith in mankind

    so if anyone randomly comes across a cheap Fizik Arione (the one velocity boy kindly donated) and a black ritchey seatpost, punch the fucker in the face for me.

    rant over

  • hey, i cycle past the rio everyday and see frames with their parts missing. I hate living in Dalston. Bunch of bastards!
    (next time tie a snake to the frame)

  • Damn, I gave it to a good home and you lose it!

    If I had another I'd give you that too... but I'm afraid that was it.

    Brick Lane next Sunday for you then?

  • velocity boy Damn, I gave it to a good home and you lose it!

    If I had another I'd give you that too... but I'm afraid that was it.

    Brick Lane next Sunday for you then?

    yeah soz about that David : (

    i'd only be tempted to buy it back or get into a fight if i found it, so think i'll probably just keep clear of Brick lane.

    luckily the really long post off my On-one is the same diameter and have a skanky blue seat under my bed so that'll get me around until i can save the pennies for something more suitable

  • I live in Dalston atm. The little shit heads a couple of doors down on my estate keep offering bikes to me and the guys that come round our place.

    Welcome to Hackney !

  • wheeeey hackney!

    kids on my estate chant "baked beans" at me

    i used to live opposite the rio.. above furniture world..

  • the last 12 months = 1 x inbred seat and post, 1 x flite saddle, (just seat they left the post) and now a fizik & ritchey post,

    home sweet home

  • glow kids on my estate chant "baked beans" at me


  • had my post and saddle stolen outside london fields cycles. "luckily" outside of a bike shop, but i hate that feeling when you see your bike with bits missing. it's like a punch in the gut. sorry to hear about the loss, dude.

  • Rattlebag [quote]glow kids on my estate chant "baked beans" at me


    you'd have thought they could be more inventive..

  • Motherfuckers got my seat and seatpost too, thing is i know who did it...you may wonder how?
    Wells the bastards live near broadway mkt they snatch parts off yuppies coming here on saturdays but sometimes they bother guys like me too...4 of them jumped on me and tried to get my bike ,now 3 dropped out straight away but this one kid was a little too persistent but his mates convinced him to let go off my bike...that same kid about a year ago tried to get a bike some dude was carrying for his mate, even this time he didnt do a good job.
    He rolls around the london fields/broadway mkt/bethnal green area if you guys wanna know, grubby face chav suit...anyone know the rest of the description?i do.

  • Maybe we can have some sort of a group action one of these days. Have been fantasizing about it quite a bit lately.
    Something like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJ-E2mcax­2A

    For the people that missed it at the last Bicycle film festival.

  • something like that but maybe mix it with bike polo...know what i mean?

  • Oh yeah. I had a dream where I did that to someone stealing a bike but I draged them off in a van dumped them miles from a.nywhere

  • bollocks to doing that in london...theres a good chance you would get a knife in your side, not for a bike!!

  • Hey 1bhp I have a spare Fizik Aliante carbon. It's been in a crash so a bit scuffed/torn but is fine to ride. Would you like it? It looks (or did look) like this:

  • My last bike got stolen on christmas day!!! My friends said they thought they saw a fat guy in a red suit taking it...

    He's supposed to bring you gifts if you've been a good kid, only wish that I could remember what I did wrong for him to start taking my stuff.
    Next year I'm going to stay up and wait for him!!!

    Great video, should've spray painted that sign on him though.

    The blurred out thief has things soo wrong, I'm not rich/daddy doesn't buy me jack/not insured etc... I work hard to be able to spend what I've got on a nice set of wheels... someone needs to open a secure parking bike lot, where for £1 eg., you can leave your bike all day - just a thought!

  • yeh i noticed they have a secure bike park thingy at Finsbury Park station, of no use to me, but does anyone use it or know if the system works?

  • talking of that, at petersfield train station they have these lockable metal cabinet things for bikes, never used or seen anyone use one and i dont know how much they are but they are about

  • Aw, c'mon, leaving a bike unlocked against a lamppost in the middle of the night is asking for it...

  • no, it was a good sting.

    no excuse to take something not belonging to you, regardless whether it's locked.

    If anyone wants to do similar in town I'd be up for it

  • i'd be up for it too - providing it was locked.

  • insurance approved?

  • not necessarily, i just fink its closer to finding a £20 note on the pavement and not handing it in to the rozzers, technicaly it doesn't belong to you and it is theft.
    and, a lot more people would walk off with an unlocked bike than break locks, it takes tools to crack a lock. And once we catch the proper tea leaf, we could u-lock their neck to a lamppost, strip off all theif clothes and write 'i steal bikes' with a marker on their chest, lol.

  • that's true.
    could be a long stakeout though..

    not sure I'd be benevolent enough to just lock some scrote to a lamp post, I want to cause actual pain and an everlasting terror.

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I Hate Mondays

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