Which Cleat System??

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  • time atacs are amazing, use to ride spds and i unclipped all the time when i tried to skid..

  • I currently run SPD on the fix because that's what I had (on the mtb).
    I unclipped skidding a few times but you just bounce up and down a few times and then clip back in.
    I don't twist my feet pedalling so the tension can be set very low. I've since wound the tension up higher on them and haven't unclipped again.

    I run SPD-SL on the race bike and love them. Got my folks to send me over my evil all-black race shoes just for the SPD-SLs :)

    I can highly recommend NOT buying shoes off ebay or buying shoes that 'look nice' without first trying them on.

    I'd love to give ATACs and the eggbeaters a try. I need new shoes anyway. Time will tell.

  • another vote for atacs, can't fault them. cheap and easy.

  • ATACs again. Last time I replaced cleats, the front lip was getting a bit Rizla, but they'd still held up during a lot of high stress climbing.

    Sidi sizing - definitely go up one size. I'm a 43 with a very narrow foot, and have 44 Sidis - perfect in the winter with thick socks, perfect in the summer with a 3mm footbed/volume insole thing from outdoor shops (not shaped, just slips under the regular insole).

  • it seems impossibile for me to find shoes that are vegan, they either all have leather, or use animal product based glues in them, or both. and none of my trusty vegan shoe shops seem to be cradeling to the cycleist market.

    so untill i find shoes that im satifyed in the veganess of its my good old toe cages

  • sidi's are not leather, the made of something called "lorica", man made

  • As a vegetarian, I was keen to go for Lorica shoes like Sidis, though a cobbler friend of mine reckoned the chemical effect on the environment was harsher from synthetic leather processing than the real stuff.

    Either way, I'm a zero emissions vehicle (and a fairly low-emissions rider), so I don't get too bogged down in the ehtical/sustainable minutiae.

    Apart from cycle-related clothing, what are the other vegan areas of concern around cycling? Some saddles, obviously, but there must be other stuff...?

  • tyres

  • tyres would be a huge concern, but i generaly am able to find perfect ones in the bin. saddels are not that big of a concern, greese and lube can be, but there are vegan verisons wildly avilabel, you just have to know which is which and do some resarch. tubes might be, i think most of them are manufactured wiht out animal ingredints beacuse of the thinness of the leather, but some puncture resistant ones might not be. some gloves have leather bits, but those are mostly the full hand MTB kind.

    i was under the impression that Sidis used animal dirived glues in them... but that is just something i have heard from freinds.

    also as far as green points go i would say that over the life of the cow and in the proccessing of its hide there woudl be lots more damage then that done in the manufactureing of lorcia

  • you won't want one of these then


    oops, wrong post please delete

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Which Cleat System??

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