Which Cleat System??

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  • I'm looking to get some clipless pedals and shoes.... A minefield. Does anyone have any preference for SPD? or SPD-SL or Look etc. etc. I'd love to know before I make a buy - oh, and any shoes that people swear by??

  • I've been enjoying skidding a bit too much recently and pulled the sole of my right cycling shoe off, so I've switched back to clips and straps, which I'm really enjoying. But generally I think I'm faster and ride more economcally when I ride clipless.

    I've only used one clipless system - SPD, to go with my old Dura Ace pedals. The pedals are about 10 years old now, and they're not 'double-sided' like more modern pedals - but they work brilliantly nonetheless. Clipping in is very easy and once in they never unclip when I don't want them to. And it's easy to get out of them, I just give a little sideways motion and click, I'm free - easy and intuitive (but I suppose the same must be true of any system).

    My shoes are Carnac cycling shoes from about 10 years ago - they were just about the best you could get back then and they've served me very well, until they separated last week... Comfy with a slightly old skool look, I recommend them.

    I was in Condor looking for replacement shoes at the weekend - I took a shine to the Sidi ones, but on closer inspection realised they cost £170...! I think I might just take my old shoes to the cobbler and see how they go. Until then, clips and straps are fun.

    Good luck!

  • i use time atac on all my bikes, lots of float easy to clip in and out, i tried using my northwave, nike and cannondale mtb shoes (trainer type) but found them too flexible riding on the road so now have a pair of nike mtb 'race' shoes with the 3 straps, they are much stiffer and tighter fitting so my foot doesn't move up and down, they look like road shoes but have a grippy sole so you don't skid around when walking on shiny floors.

  • Time ATAC is the way to go. For the reasons MrSmith says plus they just last forever. One of those put 'em on and forget about 'em things.

    But I've never found shoes that I like, shimano-diadora-sidi-carnac (never tried sidi though), they never seem worth their pricetag. So, I'm sticking to clips and straps.

  • i've got a pair of sidi fire's, had them about 8 years, riding every day, great shoes with a old pair of shimano spd's, no problems never had to touch the bearings, still running good. tried egg beaters for a while they were good, with more float, but they got nicked on my old bike.

  • It's your lucky day. I was just about to Ebay these pedals, but if you want them, they're yours for £20. Nearly brand new.

  • are those SL's or C's?

  • I had no idea what you meant, but i just did a little googling and it seems they are SL's, by the square-shaped bit at the end.

  • These are C's

    These are SL:

    notice the square bit ?

  • i'll take 'em...if jonaent doesn't

  • Time Atac plus Sidi Dominators.

    Not cheap, but flawless and reliable.

  • I feel obligated to wait for joanent to accept/decline. If he does not want to buy them, or does not respond by midnight tonight, they're yours.

  • eggbeaters are good. cleats are a bit on the pricey side (~£12) but easy to clip in and clip out of.

  • laplusgourmande I feel obligated to wait for joanent to accept/decline. If he does not want to buy them, or does not respond by midnight tonight, they're yours.

    no worries, thanks

  • Wow, what a helathy thread - thanks for all the help.

    @laplusgourmande - I have a set of CrankBrothers Candy SL pedals, u know the ones - they are like eggbeaters inside a plastic shell (yellow, to match my saddle!) so I'll decline on the lovely offer of the eggbeaters - I think I'll get some in the future, but I'll start clipping in to what I have. I really appreciate the offer to wait until I replied! 31trum - they are yours!

    I think I'll try with some cheap SPD shoes from Decathlon (£20), and then after a few days when they fall apart, and I'm a bit more used to it I'll fork out for a real shoe!

    Thanks all!

  • 'nother vote for Time ATACs. Haven't clipped out yet either on the track or street. Did unclip a few times with SPD (Sudden Pedal Death) pedals as well as experincing ImOnCrank stacking it into a bus shelter when he unclipped at speed on Commerical St(?)

    Like all systems, check yer cleats and tension regulary.

  • My SPD have never let me down. Boughts shoes and pedals about 6 years ago both still going strong. Never clicked out unexpectantly but then again my legs are like matchsticks with the wood shaved off, so I am probably not generating the power of some others here.

  • I use mountain bike SPD's cos, a) i use them on my mountain bike and have a few pairs of shoes and b) you don't sound like Fred Astaire tap dancing across a stage and walk like a duck on a frozen lake on polished floors.

  • You don't fall over with the Atac system either... my Sidi's look like this:

    That's how they look with cleats on too. They're nicely recessed.

    The cleats are about £15 to replace, and they're made of brass which means the cleats wear down and not the pedals. I like it that way, the pedals are expensive.

    I think the gist of all of this is simple, go get some MTB pedals and shoes :)

  • alliums are only £27 at chainreaction am thinking of getting a pair of these as i'm currently swapping a set of ataks between ther fixed and ss.
    those sidi's look nice.

  • ATAC are my fave too, got a pair of aliums for £20, highly recommended. The brass cleats will wear though so check them every month or so. Used to ride SPDs but my front foot tended to unclip when skidding, although I've been told I was using the wrong kind of cleat (silver multirelease instead of the black twist-only type).

  • @velocity boy
    What is the name of those Sidis?? They look good, i think i'll go for them

    Any news on whether you still have that 27" fixed wheelset for sale?

  • Sidi Dominator 5

  • jon, I don't know yet to be honest, if I can get hold of them again it probably won't be till early next month. Haven't forgotten you though!

    Those of you who wear sidis, how does the sizing seem? I just got a pair size 47 on ebay cos my 48 shimanos were a bit large, but I've heard they come up small, worried I wont be able to squeeze my plates of meat into them.

  • They come up a little small. You should be getting shoes a little large, your feet expand in heat (when you've been riding a while).

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Which Cleat System??

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