• "I do actually get sore hands on long rides" says the guy suggesting that gloves are for nerds.

    "sweaty palms" - the Assos ones I have are pretty 'meshy' compared to the more 'leathery' Spesh ones. Maybe something to consider. I also, often ditch my gloves for periods of time, to get a slightly different grip on the bars, particularly for long, flat stretches in the heat. That helps dry out the hands a bit.

    If I was a germaphobe I'd consider it but I think given the disgusting shit I get up to in these events I'm clearly beyond gloving up for arse wiping. Gravel rash is real risk though.

  • No snot wiper? That'd be like sandpaper to my face. Far too stylish for me too.

  • Giro Jag. Next question?

  • I'm just starting to wear mitts again when because bdhu on the new bike no bartape.

  • And the Assos track mitts really didn't work touring last summer. Maybe it was the SRAM Etap brifters?

  • I'll have a look at those. They look pretty similar to Spesh with slightly different padding location. Hard to compare without putting miles in on them.

  • whats wrong with you

  • Can anyone recommend a pair of mitts with minimal (preferably no) padding that will be durable, that are currently for sale?

    My last pair of the old specialized BG mitts have finally given up. The ones with the pittard leather palm.

    I'm looking for something that will stop my sweaty hands feeling like they might slip off the levers when I'm really going for it on a steep climb in the heat of summer.

    I looked at the giro jag mentioned upthread and just think they are gonna have too much padding. Gripgrab look like they have 2 models that might fit the bill. DHB aeron maybe? Or Gore C3?

  • I have some Morvelo mitts that have a pretty minimalist palm.

    My mate says he has some the same and they fell apart pretty quickly but mine seem ok. The foot around some of the fingers was a bit tight at first but they seem to have eased a bit.

    They are part of that Hut group which are a bit Mike Ashley-esque I think too but they are very cheap!

  • I don't like Assos mitts (dumb design and not so durable) and I've bought a new pair of Spesh BG gel ones that I used it Italy. The missus likes the simpler Giro mitts.

  • Morvelo do look okay and certainly worth a punt at 15 quid. I cant find a size guide for their gloves, though? I've fairly small hands for a man and they only seem to do them in large and above.

  • I'm normally a large in gloves but went for extra large as I wanted the camo ones that were out of stock in large and I'm glad I did as large would have been too small for me.

    TLDR, size up.

  • Hmmm, Morvelo very helpfully say that "gloves are a standard size. If you are normally a medium order a medium"

    I'm gonna risk it with a large pair, which I may regret...

  • Morvelo mitts in large just arrived. I usually would wear a small in most other brands of glove, but only sizes large and upwards seem to be available anywhere online.

    Initial impressions are good - just what I was after. The large size is fine, but I reckon that a medium would have been a slightly better fit had that been available. Hopefully they'll shrink a bit the first time I wash them.

    If I don't report back on durability any time soon then that's good news on that front ;-)

    A big thank you for the recommendation, @M_V - I really appreciate it!

  • Mmm okay, quality of this pair was extremely poor. 2nd ride and the stitching at the thumb came apart. I'll ask for a replacement and hope for better.

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  • I fear I may have done you wrong with the recommendation of Morvelo, I noticed a seam coming apart on mine today. Mine have at least lasted a little longer than yours but still not fantastic.

  • Can recommend the POC padless gloves. Called POC Agile gloves I think.

    No padding, comfortable, mesh for wicking and a perforated palm.

  • I bought these Morvelo mitts in a sale a while back. First ride yesterday (30 miles off road, so nothing huge) and this happened. Not impressed.

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  • I've found the Universal Colours ones from Sigma pretty good. They're quite pricey but mine have lasted two years. The logos peeled off straight away but functionally they're still fine.

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Recommend a good pair of mitts - summer gloves - fingerless glove

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