• need a pair of fingerless, for general all year riding not too padded??

  • Personly I don't see how it is possible to have a one pair of gloves for all year riding.

    but for figureless I would go with these.

    If you don't get them I might. I love these string backed gloves had a pair as a kid. Classic style


    For the winter I got some gloves from a builders murchant, leather palm neopreneback and nylon sides to the fingers. Flexible warm in wet and dry for about one hour - 1 hr 30 min in the coldest weather we had this year. Also good for snow ball fights.

  • sorry didn't mean when it's absolutely freezing got a pair of winter gloves.

  • I use some Pearl Izumi's that have lasted 18 months so far.

    They're a little padded, but not to the point that they slide around or anything.

  • I've had really bad experiences with those french mitts. I got a pair 6 months ago, they lasted me till i lost one of them 2 weeks ago. So i get another pair from another seller and they last 1 day...

  • ok, no knitted french mitts for me

  • I had the same problem with french nickers. Stitching not good enough quality for cycling.

  • Pics please

  • Yeah, i can see what you mean ...

  • I'm looking for some nice old skool black or white cycling mitts. I have seen the rapha grand tour gloves which are sexy but £80. Anything else out there , crocket, leather or otherwise anyone know of and where to get them?

  • Evans do some for about £9.

    I haven't tried them, I seem to think I've heard that they fall apart, but as I can't recall who told me and whether it was first hand experience I'm kinda ignoring it.

  • lpg bought a pair of gloves lasted him a day

  • Ah, that must be it.

    My memory is appalling.

  • first hand experience of gloves - you're on fire today david!!

  • Edwardes (Camberwell?) had some nice, cheap (10 quid) crochet black track mitts. Bought a pair last season and they're still going strong. They don't have a lot of padding which I like. Brand name is 'etc ...'.

    Haven't been there recently so don't know if they still carry them.

  • What about these http://www.gorebikewear.com/116492028573­6.html (Retro) on the Gore site. A poor mans version (£30) of the Rapha ones

  • gore retro tech

    £29.99, got 9/10 in C+.

    The raphas only got 6/10, btw.

  • Those Gore gloves don't look that retro and they might actually last longer than 6 months (I have warranty replaced their Compact IIs). Not too shabby..

  • I've got the altura versions. seem hardy enough so far.

    got them from: http://www.pearsoncycles.co.uk for under a tenner.

  • cheers guys...
    giot myself som campagnolo ones for £20 but am already regretting it and wished i'd got the raphas.....

  • made with moisture transport system fabric £20 at CONdor and they have towely bits so you can wipe yer forehead
    i no like rapha their stuff has got to be made in human leather to cost that much!
    an Armani suit costs less than a Rapha outfit for God's sake !

  • Stef an Armani suit costs less than a Rapha outfit for God's sake !

    Yeah, but the Armani chaffs ever so much..

  • I must be the only person in London with those leather Royce fingerless gloves..

    they look like shit, but are comfortable and cheap.

  • do leather gloves not get really sweaty? my watch has quite a wide leather strap and that stinks when i've been riding for a long time and have got sweaty, so i'd hate to know what leather gloves would be like :S

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Recommend a good pair of mitts - summer gloves - fingerless glove

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