A year ago today

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  • Was the 1% glorious revolutionary peoples alleycat of the victorious proletariat.

    Happy mayday fuckers!

  • A year ago today I split with my Swedish girlfriend of 6 and a half years.

    This year I'm married to a girl from Chicago.

    Strange what can transpire in a year.

  • Was there a CM this year?

  • Fight the power!

  • cm?

  • Previous years there have been Critical Masses...

  • Oh, they run monthly not annually.

    Last Friday of every month, underneath Waterloo Bridge, around 6:30pm.

  • I was just wondering if there had been a 'special' mass for the occasion (a la last year), but it seems not.
    Space Hijackers looked like they had a fun dance party though!

  • It was the anniversary mass. There were free t-shirts and the atmosphere was a lot better than usual. Unfortunately the mass split into three groups after barely a mile or two. I ended up down the pub .

  • I had to split after the Palace roundabout. The T-shirts are neat, despite the spelling...in fact what am I saying? Critical Mass needn't conform to their spelling. It did seem much jollier, I was sorry to leave... less hassle from cops about having lights is definitly nice.

  • It did get a bit chaotic shame really was great to see the Mall full of bikes though. I don't understand how the splits occur it's not as if the front of the group were travelling at kilo pursuit pace. KEEP UP AT THE BACK

  • Er, yeah we were. When we hit the Mall everyone at the front just went for it.

    We did hang around at Buckingham though.

    That was where the first split happened wasn't it? And then another at Hyde Park Corner.

    We heard (I was in the group that went up towards the US Embassy) that the other groups were down near Victoria. We had a plan to circle around and go find them. But the police were hardly helpful in letting us know where they were and then a few of the people I was chatting to ducked down an alley towards the John Snow. It was hilarious to see a whole CM group dive down an alley, whilst a few riders frantically bluffed that it was a dead end and everyone should go back to the street (whilst 5 of us made off towards the pub).

    I never finish a CM. We always pass a pub.

  • I always thought that was the point of CM. To find new pubs and drinking partners. Am I wrong no?

  • Nope, you're right.

    If you fail to finish CM with a pint, something has gone wrong.

  • This thread went from alleycat to critical mass how?

    Yea, one year ago yesterday I got absolutely shitfaced in the name of bikes and socialism!
    That's what happens when you sit at a checkpiont outside the old Labour Party office on Old Queen St. with a bottle of shite vodka on Mayday. Cheers Jack, when ya comin back?

  • trampsparadise This thread went from alleycat to critical mass how?


  • Alcohol. The shortest distance between any two points.

  • what a great day it was last year.

  • It was fun as shit. A ten pack of donuts and a handful of doob makwill do that...

  • May the 4th be with you!!!

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A year ago today

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