Mid-week evening 40 mile ride

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  • Anyone up for it?

    It's a practice session for those considering the London to Brighton next Sunday and wanting to see how they feel about a bit of distance.

    I'm not sure what route we'll do, has anyone got any good ideas? Perhaps out to Hampton Court and back (from Central London)?

    This will probably be Tuesday or Wednesday night, Wednesday preferred (unless someone objects heavily).

    So far, it's myself and 1bhp.

    It will be a "no-one left behind" ride. So don't worry about if you feel slow. We'll go the speed of the slowest rider.

    Set-off time and place yet to be determined.

  • umm sounds intresting....... but ive got a project to hand in on thursday..never mind maybe another time.

  • I'll try and come along if I have my work finished by then. Wednesday is better in that sense as it gives me more time ;)

  • Not sure if I am coming on the Lnd to Bri but this ride still would be good. What time would you be thinking of leaving central London? It would make my day a 65 + day which would be a impressive for me!

    edit: wednesday is better for me as g'friend works wednesday night.

  • If you fancy a 20 mile there and back route from central London, out to High Beech in Epping Forest is a pretty good ride. Could end up as quite a long day for anyone who lives south of the river though.

  • Wednesday great - what time? Think the earliest I can get somewhere would be 6pm

  • me too.....meet at 6pmish and ride out with you (and back home to Richmond)
    wednesday suits best, to Hampton Court....and I like the 'no-one left behind' angle.

  • Let's meet from 6pm at the bandstand in the South East corner of Hyde Park (that's, er... Hyde Park Corner).

    We'll aim to set off around 6:30pm. Which should give everyone a chance to get to us in time.

    Does this time and place work for everyone?

  • Yeah sounds fine. Looks like i should be able to make it too.

    Anyone coming back into central/east london afters? Or am i gunna be riding back by myself? *-(

  • I'll ride back :) Can't see why not.

    Pasta for lunch on Wednesday then :)

  • are you guys crossing the river? or if i was to head up to barnes/putney/wandsworth bridge would i be likely to meet? or do you not have a route yet?

    just don't fancy going into town from tootin to head back out again :-)

  • No route decided.

    I'd rather a thin loop than a straight there-and-back again.

    Out via Putney bridge, back via Kew or Chiswick bridge? I guess I should look at Google maps ;) We could also wing it, navigating isn't so difficult.

  • if i'm going to go i'll post in good time and hook up at putney bridge (or the nearest bridge you end up going near)

  • A draft route comes out at 28 miles.

    Any tweaks or suggestions?

  • maybe nip into the park instead of up the a3 out through the housing estate in rohampton (danebury ave) then up to tibbets roundabout on the A3 by going past the telegraph pub?

  • Is the park still open then? I only avoided it because I didn't know whether the close the gates at night.

  • good point but i think the pedestrian gates are open? i'll have a look at the the royal parks website tomorrow

  • Damn, gonna have to drop out. One of the reporters has booked me in for a job not finishing till 7 so I'm out. Bugger.

    Enjoy your ride.

  • Pretty sure Richmond Park pedestrian gates are open all night.

  • Damn, that means that hill doesn't it ;)

  • This bandstand? Is it near Hyde park corner tube?

    Sound good to me too. I will be heading back into Central too to head back home out the other side. If it is not too late I may swing by iccos for a quick pizza after as I think I will need the food.

  • It's about 50m inside the park on the corner which is Hyde Park Corner (tube station and that roundabout with the arch that isn't Marble Arch).

    I'll add it as a place in the Rides category on the Places page.

  • Cool thanks David

  • sorry to come back into this so late,

    think a 6 for 6.30 start is a bit too early for me I'm afraid.
    and I've just realised there's some footy game thing on tv too... (runs away in shame)

    I'll see how work goes and if i can escape early then I'd be up for it and would be heading back out east after, but will have a better idea tomorrow

  • So how many people can def. make it then?

    I've just remembered there's a gig i really want to go to tomorrow :/

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Mid-week evening 40 mile ride

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