Stolen bikes

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  • apologies if repost, Ben Bad Science Goldacre seems to have found a bike & is looking for owner...

    @bengoldacre: STOLEN CHRISTIANIA CARGO BIKE, dumped by my office near Tott Ct Rd, kept safe, not sure what now


  • now all them vibes going HoKe's way.........

  • A friend's bike was stolen yesterday from the junction of Clerkenwell Road & Farringdon Road. It's a Bianchi Eduardo frame 7005. White with Porsche GT stickers. He's devastated, so I'd be very grateful if you would please keep your eyes out for it - there will of course be a reward for information leading to its recovery. Contact me here or at adriansmith79 at hotmail com

  • Any chance of a photo so we can look out for that frame buddy?

    Afraid not, I literally finished building it and jumped out the door with it for its christening ride, hindsight sucks and I wish I had taken some good photos before leaving the house with it, In fact I would recommend anyone to take good docu shots of their bike/s.
    Just had a lead from 'turbohard' who claimed to have seen it on gumtree, but it was too big and the paint was fucked, it had the same carbon alpinas on the front though but everything else was different. Thanks for the tip anyway Nathan, its good to know eyes are out there. And if anyone's had a larger grey leader nicked then check out the ad titled ' leader single speed with charge components' on scumtree..

  • wahhooooooo! Well done Athila.

  • just had my grips and bar ends stolen off my ssmtb, locked up at honor oak station
    wtf???? they were just some cheap green bmx grips

  • just had my grips and bar ends stolen off my ssmtb, locked up at honor oak station
    wtf???? they were just some cheap green bmx grips

    How were they locked?

  • Great news Athila. Hopefully others will have the same result as you! I'm keeping my eyes open!

  • Hey guys have a look at that -­ful-carbon/107969423 £80 for a carbon frame in East Ham

  • Covent garden seems to be a notorious place. Had a bike stolen from there last year.

  • Beautiful geared classic green gazelle with bright red v deep rims and yellow bar tape just ridden past me towards victoria park by someone who did not look like a classic bike enthusiast....

  • doesn't sound like it was put together by a classic bike enthusiast either!

  • So guys,
    First of all thanks for all the help in getting my precious bike back. It ha been pretty encouraging all the support, I mean it.


    Happy ending so far!

    hell yeah, well done and congrats!

  • just had my grips and bar ends stolen off my ssmtb, locked up at honor oak station
    wtf???? they were just some cheap green bmx grips

    sorry for your loss, wanna buy some lizardskin lock ons?

  • My friend had her bike stolen the other day, details are a bit thin on the ground but she'd lent it to another friend, who'd locked it up somewhere around Victoria Park, I don't know when, though it was some time at the beginning of the week, in the evening. It is a quite distinct 531c graham weigh frame, with a complete 600 groupset on it, one of the first tricolor ones, with indexed downtube shifters. Perhaps the most distinct or recognisible thing about it is the orangey gear and brake cable housing. I've asked her for pictures, but she doesn't seem to have any though she's going to have a look. The frame is about 56cm seat tube from memory. Please PM me if you see it, I've been trawling gumtree to no avail. Hopefully she'll be able to find a picture, in which case I'll post it here. Thanks

  • What colour is it? Not seen it but it is useful info.

  • Duh! Sorry, I thought I'd written that, but obviously forgot. It is a slightly metallic red.

  • My friend got her 10 day old specialized stolen whilst she was at work in Bournemouth yesterday. It's a size medium, I think the model is called "Vita" and it is completely stock, no modifications whatsoever. The worst part about this bike being stolen is that she'd bought it as a bike she could use to ride to Paris on to raise money for a charity she is involved with that helps children in Peru. Below is a photo of the bike, with some info in bullet point. I know it's a long shot, with most members here being based in London rather than Bournemouth, but if people could keep their eyes peeled it'd be much appreciated.

    • White Specialized
    • Completely stock, no modifications at all
    • Medium
    • Brand new, 10 days old.
  • Sadly my girlfriend had her beatuful red Battaglin stolen from outside Hoxton overland station earlier today..

    It's a 42" or 43", red frame, white bar tape, chrome forks, wellgo pedals, crappy ladies black padded seat..
    Cut through two cables whilst we were gone, should have used the kryptonite like we usually do!
    A sad day that put a damper on the Olympic spirit!

  • Looks like that pic link didn't work, here's the link:­8/7718503844/

  • ah here we go..

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  • Hi everyone,
    This is a long shot, but maybe worth a mention. My friend had her bike stolen between 6pm and 11pm on Southampton Street (between Covent Garden and the Strand) on Friday night. It was a black Kona Dew with a rack and bottle cage - very similar to this one I found on Gumtree, but without the disc brakes -­ight-and-practical-kona-dew-hybrid-commu­ter-bike-for-quick-sale-from-original-ow­ner/108279105
    The lock was a bad one and had just been cut through, but it looks like lots of bikes have been stolen from that street - it was a graveyard of cut up cables and locks.
    Is there any where we should have a look to find it other than brick lane, gumtree, ebay etc?
    thanks guys!

  • Boo. My Bianchi Pista Sei Giorni, white with red markings, fixed, 55cm, was nicked last Tuesday evening on Wigmore St, W1, behind Selfridges.

    Disclosure: I cabled it to an enormous lamppost using a Knog Ringmaster, and then d-locked the cable to my frame - but crucially did not run the lock (Mini-Evo) through one of the wheels.

    I was inside the restaurant from 8pm til 9.15pm and it was nicked during that time. No bits of cable/lock left behind by thieves.

    The bike has a distinctive dent on the right hand side of the down tube.

    Sample pic here:­chi-sei-giorni-1000r.jpg

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Stolen bikes

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