Stolen bikes

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  • It's perfectly reasonable that one guy should be selling 9 slightly used brooks saddles.

    He can't find the one that fits just right.

  • One of the buyers state that the frame has the # scratched out....

  • One of the buyers state that the frame has the # scratched out....

    I saw that. Not shy are they? Could be a perfectly reasonable explanation of course. Not quite sure what that would be though....

  • I may be guilty of profiling here, but I spotted a young guy this morning, rocking the latest in Sth London ghetto chic on a anodized green/bronze 29er. Clean frame, stickered forks, wide black risers and stem, and a black rolls. Seen on Bedford Hill heading up Balham Hill towards Clapham. Might be innocent, but he didn't seem the type for that sort of bike... Not much help really, but if it's yours, it may pay to hang out in this area tomorrow around 8ish

  • apologies to the owner of this bike if i'm being over zealous.
    something about this just ddnt look right though - nice felt tk3 just dumped in the corner and only locked by it's front wheel.
    spotted last night, 14/11/09, on lower road/surey quays/se16 outside the royal margin chinese restuarant.­ZC4h9Y/TsJJZkLAOcI/AAAAAAAAAIQ/JtAIXCY8r­q8/s1024/photo%2525202.JPG­fCznYM/TsJJZopDZyI/AAAAAAAAAIU/jGXlAdE05­iM/s1024/photo%2525203.JPG­m7xiRI/TsJLDK115CI/AAAAAAAAAIs/SLH483gHF­Qg/s1280/Screen%252520shot%2525202011-11­-15%252520at%25252011.19.47.png

  • Posting this for a colleague.

    This was stolen from garage in Ipswich the other day/night so if you see someone trying to shift a 'dale in the area please let me know.

    Cannondale CAAD 08 with Shimano 105 shifters and derailleur’s (56cm frame and it was a 2010 CAAD 8 105 model), shifters were 2011 105’s

    It has two distinctive sets of scratches about 12 inches apart on the top tube/cross bar where the wall storage rack has scratched it

    It has mismatched bottle cages (one chrome, one matt silver)
    Skinny black pump
    Saddle bag with multi tool, CO2 cartridge and puncture repair outfit
    Full plastic Crud racer mudguards (rear one snapped at 10 O’clock position)
    Handlebar mount and sensors for Polar CS200 bike computer

    No pics I'm afraid.

  • It looks like this.. white and black frame with red stripes..

  • Is anyone missing a left hand drive trick bike? I've just ridden home through Bermondsey and there was a set of lads knocking about on Grange Rd. One of them was riding about pulling wheelies on a trick bike. I took a second look because it was LHD. Without wishing to cast aspersions, the chosen bikes of his friends and their deportment suggested to me that he may not have purchased the bike at full market price.

    If you are missing such a bike, perhaps have a look tomorrow evening and hope to get lucky?

  • Hi there,

    My mate from work went to pick up her bike from her secure car park last night to find it had been nicked (along with several other bikes). It's a silver ridgeback comet (men's style)- and yes, I know there are literally hundreds of them out there. Anyway it was stolen from Earlsfield/Tooting area. Has RST shocks, continental tyres. extra small 15". Shimano 8 Speed set up and 'a nice saddle'. The frame number is AT51206819.Bought in October 2006. I've asked her to register with immobilise and she is trying to find out what the other bikes were (I think there were at least 2 others stolen). Keep your peepers peeled please.

  • Have you seen my Bike:
    Stolen from South east london arround suurey queys area on the night of 16 November 2011.
    Destinctive features are:
    Carbon, blade style seat post,
    Xero luight wheels.
    Black and yellow dunlop tyres
    SDG Bel air seat.
    And a wireless bike computer Pick up thingy, superglued to the inside of front carbon fork.
    Plaes call:07894215715
    Much appreciated

  • I ride around Surrey Quays several times a day Duncan, I'll keep my eyes peeled.

  • Bright red unbranded track bike stolen from St Martin's Court WC2 between 11.40 and 12 today. Very special frame, 56cm, Cinelli lugs with the winged C on them, Cinelli BB shell and distinctive seat cluster. On-One all black wheel set with distinctive Vittoria Open Pavé tyres, Centaur front brake, 3TTT chopped Moskow bars, 3TTT 80mm stem, Miche chainset, SPDs, King red/white/blue headset, VO Grand Cru seat pin drilled for grub screw at back to stop slippage, Selle Italia Flite Gel Flow saddle.
    Perpetrator captured on CCTV, someone convincingly dressed as a courier, black shorts over tights, green top, large black messenger bag. Any help in my slim hope of recovering treasured long-term bike much appreciated - Hutch

    more pice HERE

  • Do you have the CCTV pics by any chance?

  • trying to get them now, never as easy as you would hope.

  • you should get bill to mention it with a description of suspect on moving target

  • A work colleague of mine had her bike stolen today, some time between 10am and 6pm here.
    It's a black and purple SE Larger that looks something like this.
    If any of you see or know anything, please let me know!


  • Just now at London fields some dudes selling dubious bike but making it more so dubious was seeing a dude rideing a silver fixed wheel with arrospok and two minutes later seeing it for sale . Get down there if its yours!!!!

  • Just had my black, very nearly totally broken in Brooks Team Pro nicked on Silk Street opposite Barbican.

    Aside from Brick Lane and London Fields are there any other hotspots I should check tomorrow on the off chance of finding it?

  • Just had my Brooks nicked and heading down to Brick Lane tomorrow to see if I have any joy recovering it. It had some distinguishing marks. Thieving pricks!

  • Just down at brick lane, aside from the usual hookie bikes for sale there is one that looks particularly suspicious- tiny titanium/brushed steel frame, black forks, red look pedals, green walled tyres and really immaculate shamal wheels. If it sounds familiar to anyone gimme on 07810 252387 and I can tell you where it is. Also came across a deskful of brooks in varying conditions

  • Top tube has r.k knight labels on too and forks are ems, look like carbon

  • Hi, I bought my tout terrain - v rare in the uk- Via veneto from bikefix. This morning sunday was out for an hour- bike plus abus lock plus plant lock with 100kg soil (!) were removed from my front garden- I think into a van.

    Please let me know if you see this bike anywhere around it's frame is a dark olive, bungey cord on the rack. Has anyone heard of plantlocks being removed like this?Thanks­cs/ViaVeneto_Rohloff_schwarz_2010_1120x5­60_02.png

  • Small fry compared to some of the bigger losses on this thread but....
    If anyone is offered a fishy Brooks B17 (honey with copper rivets) saddle this week, please let me know ASAP.
    Was out this eve at the Dove on Broadway market; sat outside the pub for an hour or so and it was taken from my locked bike across the street. I don't know how I missed it as It was just about in plain view of the pub.
    It was in good nick, Aside from some jeans rub on the nose of the saddle.

    Also a general waring to anyone drinking round there- obviously I'm not there often enough to realise just how opportunistic the thieves are around that part- watch out. Apologies if this is OT for this thread, couldn't think where else it would fit.

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Stolen bikes

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