Stolen bikes

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  • Ps...One of the wheels has been signed by Ian brown, Possibly I selling point or a de value upto you!!!!

  • Bastards- we will keep an eye, here in west, too.

  • At least it's distinctive. Is this in private? It should be, lest the thieving shits see how many people will be looking for it.

  • At least it's distinctive. Is this in private? It should be, lest the thieving shits see how many people will be looking for it.

    No, it's not private.

  • Familiar with the bike and will stick out like a sore thumb if it resurfaces. Eyes are peeled.

  • Thank you all so much... Please keep your eyes peeled I really wanna get it back if I there's any way at all. Xxx

    It will appear sooner or later. Angel's serotta reapeared after 6 months. Have you contacted berthnal Green police st. They seem very good and interested to cut bike theft crime.

    EM i hope that you recover it soon, I have my eyes peeled. Such a lovely bike

  • Have you contacted bethnal Green police st?

    Em did report it stolen, but I'm not sure which police station she did at.

  • Hope you find it - will keep eyes peeled

  • Shit Em, really sorry to hear this. Something this beautiful can't go un noticed.
    I can make a flyer for you if you want to take to Armotex and LMNH and the like? Long shot but you never know.
    Bad times dude.

  • A bike of legendary status.

  • Ian Brown the simian-faced cosmic Manc responsible for one of my most hated records ever? NO WAY!

  • I can't help thinking the school holidays are a factor too in increase in thefts!

  • will keep em peeled - how big is it?

  • I can't help thinking the school holidays are a factor too in increase in thefts!

    I was thinking that's half term isn't it?

    the wick was always a bit shady...and as I said long ago when it was just a waste land well yes it was as dodgy as, though it's never been this bad...I was literally 90 seconds, which has to be a new record...

  • Really, really sorry to hear this Em. Will be on the look-out til it's recovered.

  • Thought I saw this yesterday, but it was a fuji - different bike. Oh well.. Have a bump. :s

  • do not underestimate these thieving cnuts. only bike I ever had stolen was done in front of me. I was fourteen and in a takeaway place with the bike outside. I watch half watching it. turned to give my order to the man. out the corner of my eye saw my wheel move. dumped the bag and began running. i didnt catch him on foot. I was 5 feet away when I saw the wheel move. 20-30 seconds from wheel moving to me collapsing in tears. i loved that bike.

  • Hello folks

    My gf's bike was pinched from Lower Marsh in Lambeth yesterday, and she's heartbroken. It's a silver Giant XTC 4.5, on which she'd just put some road tires (mainly a commuting bike now we live in London). Has reasonably expensive lights on it (can't remember the brand, sorry), and a bottle bracket. I have been looking for a photo, but I'm pretty sure we don't have one, at least not with the new tyres.

    I've managed to find the frame number, have reported it to the police and am keeping an eye on bikeshd and ebay. I'm planning a trip to Brick Lane market tomorrow, on the off-chance that it turns up there.

    Does anyone have any advice on what I should do if I'm lucky enough to spot it? Will the police care enough to come along, or would I be better to try to take it back myself? I have proof of purchase (for the cops, not so much for the thief....)

    Failing that, are there any other places I could look? Please feel free to call if you see it!

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    Andy (oh seven five 38 four 9 oh one 79)

  • Not sure where to put this but looking on Ebay at some Brooks saddles, there's one guy (all the backgrounds of his photos are the same) selling Brooks saddles, all slightly used of course. Checked out his other items, 32 Saddles, seatposts and assorted lights?! all slightly used.

  • 24 hour listings as well. i just emailed ebay with a selection of the items numbers and a tip-off that it's mighty suspicious.

  • ^ nice one, just had a look again, saddles, lights and a random wheel. Hmmmm. Anyone had a Brooks stolen might do well to take a look on Ebay. I will also email them as above.

  • could be legit, but you never know

    walking home to beaumont street,south feilds sw19
    one guy was on a not so flash mountain bike, other dude was on a silver specialized bike. Looked fairly standard. single speed track frame,freewheel,drops with black tape,no cages on the pedals. the guy just looked like he shouldnt have had it, you guys know what i mean.

    was a bit worried when he herd sirens and i herd them say "lets head to putney"
    could be nothing but just wanted to let you dudes know.

  • Great work, jvhp. It's always good to hear such stories. And bump in case one of the owners is on here.

  • good job. I know someone who got there bike back from gumtree. Sometimes it just takes common sense.

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Stolen bikes

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