Stolen bikes

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  • well done. and hope this gets seen by the right parties

  • super job

  • Good work fella!

  • Excellent work!

    I hope the bikes get returned to their rightful owners.

  • Hey just had an update as I was speaking to a girl today that has seen a load of bike in the travelers site in the wick...

    It's on the mini island as you go up rothbury road toward stratford, she had seen them on the train (overground) coming back from dalston, if you have had a bike nicked around the vicky park area in the last month or so I think it would be worth going on ravvelthe train to have a look in the isn't the gypsies that live in the prefab compound, these are the crackhead traveller types (dog on string, paraboots) they have taken up residence in what used to be the refuse lorry yard that is on the left hand side of the track as you are travelling toawrds the wick from makes perfect sense why the dickhead that stole my bike disappeared into thin air when i chased him down...

    I was literally 60 yards behind him and as I turned the corner ...he was gone...I couldn't work out how the fuck a guy on a freewheel track bike with no brakes had lost me...I was totally gobsmacked and had no idea where the fuck he had got to in such a short space of 20-30 seconds...

    I am going to have a reccy tomorrow afternoon...If i can get it back, it would be ace as I can still give the girl her bike as promised on sunday...

    keep your eyes peeled people it seems to be getting really bad lately, the audacity of the guy to nick the bike in the way he did was a total pisstake (he had claimed the van outside the shop was his) and as it had no brakes i really didn't expect him to ride off...before the penny dropped that he wasn't turning round within a respectable 'test drive' distance, I jumped on my bike and flew after him...I was maybe 40 metres behind him...and as i turned the corner, he was just fucking gone...absolutely nowhere to be seen, if he had ridden straight into the travellers yard it would explain everything...

    i'll keep you posted wish me luck!!

    They have made up their own address, it's number 15 in big red letters on a metal fence. Good luck trying to get into there, I saw what looked like a Council employee trying to gain access to no avail.

    By the way, my friend lives across the street from there and can see into the yard somewhat, so I've told her to keep her eyes peeled.

  • Has anyone has a black Create stolen?­create-fixie-with-flip-flop-wheel/780228­39

    It's the same guys who nicked my Pomp a few weeks ago. They're still using the same phone number on Gumtree. Also this:­-sprint-2010/77020666­

  • Just had my pride and joy stolen.
    Locked to a bike stand in Vestry St (just up from Old St roundabout) between 1845 and 2050 tonight (wed 13th). Locked with a Kryptonite mini-u lock and a heavy Abus cable.

    Any joy?

    Also if you dont mind, how did they, or how do you think they got through your locks? I use a kryptonite D so slightly concerned by this... thanks

  • i've just had a quick browse on gumtree (looking for roadbike bargains) and it seems to be awash with pretty obviously stolen bikes being mis-sold by the barely literate. my favourite as this morning featured "shamarno parts and crabon falks".

    it's been a while since i used gumtree but i don't think i could buy anything off there now with a clean conscience. was it always like this?

    the alarm bells for me are, anything over a hundred quid but being offered well under market value with incorrect description or spec and only a mobile number as a contact. pretty much anything on there that caught my attention fitted this description. i feel dirty just from browsing!

  • Clefty did you get pics of you and the flockton in the end? I have one if you need it.

    2 red Brompton's on gumtree at the moment but they seem genuine.

  • Some cock nicked my peugeot carbolite frame! Would really appreciate it if people could keep an eye out for it- it's pearlescent white with orange logo. Cheers guys. Oh yeh they also took a pair of rigida rims!

  • I did wonder if a bike that nice would belong to someone round here...does he own a polo bike too?

    yeah johnny plays polo.

    good luck to steve, wingedangel, clefty and all the victims. i've never had a good bike stolen but it's devastating even when i've had beaters stolen

  • Some cock nicked my peugeot carbolite frame! Would really appreciate it if people could keep an eye out for it- it's pearlescent white with orange logo. Cheers guys. Oh yeh they also took a pair of rigida rims!

    from your house? horrible. hope it turns up

  • from your house? horrible. hope it turns up

    Yes mate, from my house! Fortunately they didn't get any of my bikes, thank god for stupidly big motor bike locks!

  • Re: Russell Square
    I work nearby and have seen those kids myself. They come down from Somers Town and do a circuit, other favourite haunts for them are Alfred Place and Bedford Square. In the summer hols you can see them nearly every day.

  • Quote:
    *Originally Posted by Steves *
    ***Just had my pride and joy stolen. *Locked to a bike stand in Vestry St (just up from Old St roundabout) between 1845 and 2050 tonight (wed 13th). Locked with a Kryptonite mini-u lock and a heavy Abus cable.

    Any joy?

    Also if you dont mind, how did they, or how do you think they got through your locks? I use a kryptonite D so slightly concerned by this... thanks

    No joy sadly. Had a good look round Brick Lane on Sunday morning....

    No idea how they got through the locks....couldnt see any evidence of angle grinder.
    Being a bus route, I thought theyd have a job getting away with it, but I guess it just takes a white van and a high-vis and you can get away with anything!

  • re russell square

    please for the love of god stop using the cable ties. i saw this just off russell square on the weekend. see this all the time.

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  • Hey there.

    Second time posting here. Hope I'm out of the nursery.

    Just a heads up if you've registered your wheels with the Police website. I had a Specialized Sirrus Comp stolen from my house in 2008. Last October I got a call from the Police. They'd just arrested a local crimey tooling around on the bike, put the serial number into their computer and up I came as the lawful owner.

    All good I thought. A rather eager young Copper (Think Hot Fuzz and you've got him) came around to mine the next day and I filled out a statement. He told me I'd have the bike back within a month.

    6 months on, innumerable phone calls and at least 10 visits to Stoke Newington Police station, the most recent of which was and hour ago, and no-one can tell me where the bike is. Who the arresting officer was. Or what I should do now. To be honest I already have another bike so it's the principal of it that anoys me. That and the fact that quite possibly registering your bike with the Police is worth presicely nothing. I have a feeling it's already been auctioned off as unclaimed property.

    Anyone else had a similar experience and a suggestion as to where to go from here?

    I'm tempted to write to my MP, fat lot of good that'll do.

  • Just had my pride and joy stolen.
    Locked with a Kryptonite mini-u lock and a heavy Abus cable.

    Steve, sorry you haven't had any luck so far with getting your bike back. Finger-crossed that you do though.

    But for those that might worry about their own locks, was your Krypto lock one from "the List", or one of the other models they do?

  • Found out last night that my mate has had his Harry Quinn tourer nicked. It was taken from outside the Chambers office in Covent Garden on Friday 8th April.

    Orange Oury grips, orange cables, super-padded foam saddle, rack, Paselas, Suntour gear mechs, Weinmann brakes, SR bars and stem, cheap wheelset, Stronglight crankset.

    I'm annoyed about this because I only just helped him clean it up with new tyres, the rack and all the orange stuff. And he'd just spent a bunch of money on it.

    Give me a shout if you see if knocking around. 0 seven 8 seven 0 five one 3 two one zero.


  • Oh, Harry Quinn :(


    Dodgy looking langster ad on ebay. Anyone recognise it?

    Out of interest, what makes you think it 's dodgy? £200 isn't unreasonable for a used Langster is it?

  • Once again the devil vomits in my kettle...

    This afternoon I had another bike stolen...

    this really fucked me off as it took about 90 seconds...if you want to missou the story then the description is highlighted below.

    I am opening a bike shop in hackney wick, and today whilst doing my chores I went back to the shop to feed the cat...I open the door...I trot inside, I peel the lid off the tin, I stroked the ctas head put the saucer on the floor...trotted back outside ...and my bike was gone.
    90 seconds.

    C*nts. Nothing verbal comes close to how fucked off I am.

    I spent all day running around changing the locks as when Brucy left my shop last night I had left the keys in the door, for about 5 minutes...and they went some kids I had been giving all my slightly knackered tyres to...and they still hoisted my fucking keys...
    I'm pretty sure someone has now started watching the shop waiting for me to fuck up...Which has unsettled me rather, anyhow...please be aware if you live in the wick some sort of crime wave has started with a the last week or two it has gone bonkers...thats 4 bikes I know of within a 100 yard circle in a week...(2 of mine and one from outside the shop at the bottom of the ramp next to the overground station, that one went in 2 minutes too) also a laptop today went from the cafe at has always been a bit on top though this is ridiculous. I have lived in the wick for 7 years and this is the worst i have known it (it was really really bad about 8 years ago though things had almost got 'normal'...)

    The description is as follows...

    Frame is Unusual and rare Jan Van Zuylen silver Road Conversion 531 (with half chromed forks and seat/chain stays - blue decals and world champ stripes - gold lug lining), black metal Tange Headset, SR Apex chainset with black drillium ring, Miche track chain, SR seat post (super record copy), black Concor Saddle, Shimano m520 clip pedals, black front track wheel from a langster c/w mavic cxp 22 rim, black/chrome rear free/fixed formula hub c/w deep section rim, gipiemme chronosprint front brake with dirt harry lever c/w Nos 70's dura ace silver cable, 90mm stem with middlemores of coventry track drops c/w black fabric tape.

    I had swapped out the front wheel two days ago as I had a puncture so have now got two half wheel sets...and was due to use some of the parts from this bike to finish a bike I was doing for someone, which has fucked that up to.

    If you see it around please give me a shout as I would love to get it back I have really become attached to it in the last 12 months (I spent a fair few hours restoring the frame, polished the hell out of it, touched up the paint, re lug lined it, and gave it a lot of's damned rare and I just love the damned thing) its a good size for me as I have long legs), It rides really nicely and rolls well. I also has my gipiemme brake which makes up my almost complete groupset...

    If you live in the wick please be careful as it has gone apeshit in the last few weeks regarding theft, I have known it this bad before but not in many years, I has taken me by surprise I was really only about a minute if that...I'm stupid for leaving at the front of the shop I know, though despite all the shit that has happened I really didn't expect that to happen.

    Take care people!!!

  • 2 bikes of yours in one week? I'm speechless. I hope the cops can help.

  • Tonight in Kingsland Road. Give me a shout 07896421556 if you see it. Reward offered.

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Stolen bikes

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