Stolen bikes

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  • Bridges ride = 24 fixie riders with D-locks.. RUMBLE!

  • i think it's more than 30 of us? shall we change the bridges ride to brick lane bike thief busters ride? imagine a circus of 30+ riders circulating around a surrounded gang of bike thieves hell's angels style.

  • While you lot were drinking in ride prep I went and saw The Flying Scotsman, Graeme O'bree's story. Great stuff. Now HE is someone I might consider a 'hero'.

  • I had my bike nicked on the 14th July outside the Old Eagle in Kentish Town. No pics unfortunately but it's pretty distinctive - I brought the frame over from the states and I don't know of another one in the country. It was a black IRO Mark V frameset (59 cm) with chopped riser bars, miche chainset, 16T freewheel, black campag brake on the front.

    The worst bit was that I actually saw the bastard riding off on it as I was walking back to pick it up, I chased him but didn't stand a chance on foot.

    Bit of a long shot, i know, but if anyone's spotted it please get it touch.

  • that sucks, man, i'm sorry to hear it.
    how did you have it locked? to what? what time of day was it?
    i'm about to bring my bike from the states when i move this thursday, but london sounds almost worse than ny when it comes to theft...

  • It was locked to a street sign with a mini kryponite D-lock, just round the frame - It was weird because he was carrying the lock over the bars as he was riding away, almost like he'd unlocked it somehow rather than broken it. This happened about 1:30 sat night/ sun morning.
    Yeah, london's pretty bad for it, unless your bike looks like a total piece of sh1te, it seems like you need to carry around a lock that weighs more than the bike itself!

  • ^that really sucks

  • Shit mate. I've got an IRO, they're really nice. Canvendish Cycles sell them if you're after another.

  • sorry to hear that mate. how the fuck did he get the lock of in one piece so he could take it with him??

  • Elvis sorry to hear that mate. how the fuck did he get the lock of in one piece so he could take it with him??

    yeah thats interesting. Is there a skeleton key? Did your lock have one of those "guaranteed up to 2 grand" warranties they give out?

  • They should market a tiny GPS tracker that can be fixed Inside the bike frame, so that every time a bike is stolen they can see exactly where it is. I know they do this for cars etc, but hopefully we aren't too far off this being a cheap option that can be incorporated into bikes. Obviously it would need to be in the same price bracket as locks to become widely used, but i think something like that is going to be the only way of really reducing the cancer of bike theft.

    I would love to see the look on those theiving bastards faces when a load of the old bill or a lynch mob knock on their door!

  • i guess the cheap version would be to write: "This bike is stolen. Contact:....." on a small piece of paper and put it into the handlebars.

  • you still wouldnt be able to find you bike?

  • but the person who bought it would be able to contact the owner or the police. i didn't claim it was the best idea ever.

  • oh rite i see what you mean. i wasnt saying you did claim that:)
    i reckon if someone found that in there bars they would feel extremely embarassed

  • but perhaps would make them question their bike purchase a bit more?

  • yeah if they found it they definately would think twice about buying.
    but i cant imagine many people checking in handlebars for anything when
    buying a bike?

  • Dunno if DataTag works:

    But Southwark Council gave out SmartWater kits:

    which are apparently recognised by the Met Bizzies.

    Bit more hitec than a note in the bars, but prob not NJS certified.

  • what does NJS stand for?

  • Just saw one of the little fuckers today round oxford street, was waiting for the work shuttle bus and in about 20 mins he did about 5 laps of north ox. street in his dirty nike tracksuit and a bunch of tools hanging out of his pockets riding really slow past all the bike parking spots having a good old look. Thankfully it pissed it down and he got really wet which cheered me up a bit. Wish hed have made a move on something and i could have played Superman.

  • Hmm maybe we should stalk him and watch him make a move, then gaffa tape him to a lapmpost for all to throw rotten food over him. I wonder if he has a routine. Keep your eyes peeled Conan, if you see him again around the same time ish, then .. oh I don't know but it would be nice to think that we could do something.

  • tape him him to a bike rack, as a warning to others, kind of like putting the heads on traitors gate!

  • take one of his eyes

  • "If it happens again.. I'm gonna take one o' yo' fingers!"

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Stolen bikes

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