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  • Orange Orbea, bike recovered from a scrote in NW2 Cricklewood, Police can’t track down owner. Would be good if this can go back to the rightful owner. Located in Harlesden police station

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  • How was it recovered?

  • From Met to local resident
    This evening we saw a male on foot hovering around the bottom of Midland Terrace and when we turned around he was cycling away at speed on a orange push bike. We eventually stopped the male and have recovered the bike. We believe he stole it from the gardens in the area but we tried knocking on a few of them and the people that did answer didn’t know who owned the bike so we couldn’t arrest the male but we got all of his details.

  • 56cm Mason Definition nicked from Dog and Bell in Deptford last night, along with an Size 2XS Canyon with 650B wheels.

    Mason has a dynamo rig plus mismatched 105/ultegra groupset, mudguards and a power meter on the LHS crank.

    Bikes locked together a few feet from where we were sitting, some lads on ebikes flew past and dragged the whole lot off down the road. I imagine they're both completely scratched to fuck now, like - so as well as being fairly uncommon bikes they'll probably have some distinguishing marks.

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  • This is the Canyon

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  • Heard of many stolen scooter + motorbike assisted grab thefts, guess it was only a matter of time before it went to powerful ebike assisted.

    PSA Glasgow bike theft is absolutely through the roof right now. Last few weeks I must have had 30 phone calls, emails and customers come into shop to alert me to stolen bikes. Normally (pre 2020) i'd get 1 a month, 2020 till recent maybe 5 a month. Absolutely mental amounts of theft. Local well being charity just had their whole fleet taken, extra shitty behavior.

  • seems similar round my way (Worthing/Brighton) with lots of garage and shed break ins

  • Thanks for that! Cheeky fuckers.

  • That auction MIGHT be selling some bikes they need to watch out for... this is described as having a buckled wheel. That'd be the least of my concerns

  • Isn't that a police auction?

    Quite apart from that destroyed frame, I rather doubt they should be selling on all those crappy e-bike conversions.

  • Stolen early this morning from Upper Clapton Road E5.
    1997 Specialized Rockhopper with a campandgoslow sticker and chris king headset.
    Bought it off here back in march, would be very grateful if people can keep their eyes peeled.

    UPDATE: miraculously recovered! I chased a guy down riding this past me as I was jumping out of an Uber

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  • Sorry dude live on that road so will keep in mind.

  • Dolan Pre Cursa (58cm) without pictured front crate

    Taken from garden in Hither Green (Mountsfield Road) in Lewisham.

    Please keep eyes open. thanks!

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  • Look KG221 stolen today from Golden Lane Estate EC1V, inside the bike parking in the basement, behind locked doors, was locked up.

    Original Mavic Cosmic wheels, full Dura Ace group, look carbon pedals etc.

    Pretty sad about this one :(

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  • Bloody hell, the trouble people go to just to nick an old bike. They most probably have no clue what a classic this is 😭

  • Absolutely. The paint is so tattered etc.. they must have liked the shiny wheels. Pretty sure this will be wasted on whoever they sell it to

  • Almost 90% of all bicycle theft cases reported to police over the past year were closed without a suspect even being identified, and just 1.7% resulted in someone being charged, analysis of crime statistics shows.­/jan/02/suspect-identified-in-only-one-i­n-10-bicycle-theft-cases-in-england-and-­wales

  • My friend has had his Specialized AWOL stolen. Could anyone around Hackney/London fields/Clapton please keep an eye out?
    It’s a size L with a distinctive basket on the front.

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  • A club mate has just passed this Colnago unlocked in the street in SE London.

    Anyone recognise it?

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  • Is that a crank puller in there?
    Maybe someone just lost a pedal/messed the thread up and got stranded

  • Yep, it’s a crank puller.

    Maybe someone just lost a pedal/messed the thread up and got stranded

    Odd not to lock up/walk it home though

  • Hello! Please can you keep an eye out for a light blue ladies xs Raleigh detour Hybrid - stolen on Hackney Road/Hackney/Cambridge Heath/Columbia Road area. See attached picture for same bike (not mine tho). It has a detachable mudguard to it, broken front bell and red bike light at the back. Thank you so much!!!

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Stolen bikes

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