Stolen bikes

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  • Looks like the rear derailleur is gone too

  • These seem super sus!

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  • have they not reported it to the police by now?

  • The door to the garden is not very high, maybe 2.5 m. So the thieves probably climbed it and got the bike over it

  • Just seen a video on a local WhatsApp group of a group of scrouts breaking into my bike locker. Apparently doing the rounds in our area (E2), but only my locker was targeted from the 4 together last night. Gutted!

  • He's even got the wrong'uns facewear of choice on in his profile pic! Highly dodgy

  • Don't know if this is exactly stolen or not, but certainly gone missing.
    I bought this from Ebay and arranged for DPD to collect from the charity that was selling it.
    GT Edge frame and wheels. The charity, which I have no reason to doubt, said that when the DPD driver arrived to collect, he refused to take the box down the flight of stairs to the van ( I believe there were actually two DPD employees there) The seller said that she organised a couple of her lads to take it down and put it into the van themselves. The driver had updated the collection as "nothing to collect", so of course, the box has now disappeared in some DPD black hole! I was straight on to DPD as soon as it happened but was assured it would be scanned once the vehicle returned to the depot. I even have the driver's name that collected, but to say DPD's 'customer services are worse than useless is an understatement. This happened in the Beaconside area of Stafford. Still ongoing with DPD, but that's been a week now and I don't hold out much hope. Just in case anyone sees anything from that are up for sale. Cheers.

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  • Anyone had a Brompton nicked recently?

    Today I saw two yoof on a motorscooter, the pillion was holding a gloss black Brompton, silver wheels with a blue Brompton sticker on the main frame.

    I do have the scooter reg if it helps. Msg me if you want to.

  • Ah shit - I'd had this on watch for ages and noticed someone had bought it. Hope you get to the bottom of it!

  • @jose All ended well. Box went missing at the DPD depot for a week. The driver apparently just dumped it in the warehouse without putting a label on it. After many calls and emails, finally got through to a manager who managed to find it from the images sent. I thought it may have been destroyed by the time I got it, but it all seemed ok. Only problem was the mech hanger had been bent, but new one has been ordered and on it's way. Frame doesn't look as if it has bee ridden. Immaculate condition. The seller, House of Bread (a charity), said they found it in a cupboard in a bike bag, which I also received. There was also a Dura Ace seat post with a saddle in the bag too. Mix of Dura Ace brakes, Record crank, front & rear mech and headset. Only left hand Super Record brifter. I am happy again though. Build to follow at some point. Thanks for posting the original listing.

  • Unfortunately will be a stolen scooter or a cloned plate

  • Not quite stolen, but removed from a communal bike storage at short notice which I think is as good as stolen.

    I adored this very custom bike, first bike I built, and I did not consent to it being removed. If anyone sees this around Maidstone, Tonbridge or London please get in touch. I spent a year painstakingly thinking about every component, down to the spokes, to suit my needs.

    Unique features are the ISM Adamo Peloton split saddle and bolt on rear cog on a Deore XT front hub.


  • removed from a communal bike storage at short notice

    could you ask who removed it where it went?

  • I called up and they essentially refused to tell me anything. Claimed to know nothing about it.

  • Bullet cargo. Been my workshorse for the last 6 years. Railing were cut through outside my flat on Oakley road N1. Shimano XT gears with all black bars now. If anyone sees it or any rumblings or it I’d appreciate a dm. Went the night before last. Cheers!

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  • A friend of mine had his Specialized nicked a few weeks back in Bristol. It has a custom paint job that the thief might not be aware is unique. Please keep a lookout for it. Cheers

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  • One of my fellow London and South East CX league competitors has had his (and his wife’s) bikes stolen in Worthing.

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  • am local, so will keep a particular eye out. also note to self to really fortify my bike shed/workshop when i build it

  • Got burgled and had my Colnago nicked out of my house in sunny Bruce Grove Tottenham yesterday. Any leads appreciated.
    54 Extreme Power, Bora Ultra 35s, Campy record 11 etc etc. My pride and joy.

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  • Locked my bike up after getting a puncture in Vauxhall intending to come back for it in the morning, and there it was, gone!

    Pretty gutted, and mainly annoyed at the faff of replacing it in short notice.

    Postng here on the off-chance it gets spotted.

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  • that sucks! how was it locked?

  • @swedeee - A kryptonite lock through the front wheel, frame and Sheffield stand. Not sure of the method of cutting through it, hoping to get some cctv today.

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  • :( sorry to see that

  • My mate just had his Singlespeed nicked this morning from inside the sainsbury’s local on Bethnal Green Rd (by boxpark shoreditch, E1 6HZ).
    It’s a Brick Lane Bikes 6KU Fixie though running as SS. Photo below if people could keep an eye out please!
    Unfortunately not many distinctive marks

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  • Tom Edwards of BBC London fame is looking for victims of bike thefts:

    London cyclists - looking to film a piece tomorrow on bike theft. I’m
    looking for someone who has had their bike stolen & would be able to
    talk about how infuriating / upsetting it is. Would take 15mins. DMs
    open & confidential ..­/1597566216268263424

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Stolen bikes

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