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  • Had two bikes stolen from shared area of flats in Stoke Newington/Finsbury Park, morning of 20th July 2022.

    Trek Singletrack 950 i bought from here a few years ago. Got distinctive damage on the top tube. Also had pitlock on the front wheel - not sure how you remove the wheel without the key, but hey.

    XS Sonder Camino with a Tiagra 4700 cable group + Specialized saddle, green bar tape. Unfortunately don't have a very recent picture.

    I put a lot of work into these bikes, would love to see them again.

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  • Posting on behalf of a friend who lives up here in Scotland. He’s based in North Berwick but due to the nature of the bikes stolen it seems appropriate to post this on the forum.

    7 bikes in total, some of them fully custom. Doesn’t seem very likely that someone would try and shift these on in Scotland.

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  • More.

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  • Anyone lost a Hogan blue/Ti track?

  • Howdy all. Had my brother meteh pinched from inside the lobby of my flat last night. Mare street/hackney area. Fucking neighbours leaving doors open.
    Pretty standard build, grx, cowchippers, novatec hubs, only difference is that it’s currently got Hutchinson touraeg tyres on it.

    If anyone sees it please chuck a lock on it and drop me a message!

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  • Specialized Allez in a size 52 with tanwall panaracer paselas disappeared from just off brick lane today.
    Any info or leads etc etc
    Cash reward offered

    The very bike in the picture but with tanwalls and without the cages on the pedals

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  • Just seen my bike on eBay, anyone got any experience with what to do?

  • The unrecommended method is to arrange viewing in public place and bring mates...

  • Jeez
    SEVEN bikes nicked. That's a lot of bikes.

  • On no account expect any help from the Police.

  • Oh right, this bike was acquired with all the bags too. And it has 48spoke wheels with white rims. Maybe the original owner is better off without it.

    I can definitely say why this ad looks suspicious. The listing thinks it's called a 'Troller' and there's some other 'I have no idea what I am doing' stuff in the listing

    touring bike large.
    Shimano disc brakes
    Gram hight 83 cm
    Bike for a tall person
    Schwab marathon plus tour tyres
    50 550 26x2.00 ha 404
    Steel bike
    4 panniers
    Frame bag
    Front of the bike bag
    Front rack
    Back rack

  • 50 550 26x2.00 ha 404

    Literally just typed the numbers off the side of the tyre. Fishy as FUCK.

  • Lmftfy

    Literally just mistyped the numbers off the side of the tyre. Fishy as FUCK.

  • Unfortunately what Skully says is true. My ex's bike was nicked recently, popped up on eBay, sold, popped up on eBay again and police were next to useless.

    Everything was handed to them on a plate, including arranging a meeting, and they did nothing.

  • See I couldn't decide if having all of the matching Ortlieb bags made it more or less likely to be stolen. Who would leave ALL of the bags on the bike?

  • Someone who was riding it at the time it was stolen?

  • stored in shed or garage with bags attached?

  • That's something shit I've never thought of before.

  • Cinelli Gazetta stolen from Shoreditch Park. It’s a large frame with a brick lane pizza tray on the front. Has a sticker of a blow fly on it. My 8th stolen bike…. Fuck this shit. ☹️

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  • My mate had his Cannondale stolen last night from outside his flat (in a secure hallway). He chased them for fifteen minutes to Stepney Green when they pulled a knife on him and started chasing him back. It has an XT groupset on it and an Old Man Mountain rack on the front. Please DM me if you see it anywhere

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  • Stolen in the centre of ~Lincoln last Friday between 4pm & 6pm

    I know everyone says their bike is unique but…

    Any information would be very welcome.

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Stolen bikes

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