Stolen bikes

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  • Someone posted her pinarello Prince got stolen in kingston I'm not really sorry for her surely Someone is not that stupid riding a nice bike like that and locking it up in town .

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  • Yeh, it's her own fault. Nice attitude.

  • Not the best place to lock up but I can't help but feel sorry for someone having a bike nicked. I've had real shitters stolen and been gutted about it.

  • People should be able to ride however nice a bike they like and not have to worry about it getting stolen. In the real world, and before any thefts have occurred, it's good advice to tell people not to leave bikes like that lying around, but after the fact it's definitely not a good thing to say. Telling people they're stupid for having done it is also completely unnecessary, as they'll already be telling themselves that in a way that has much more impact.

  • You are right .what I meant is ride your race /Sunday best on them days but ride a cheaper/rat bike if you need to lock it up in the street. I built a rat bike just to lock up in town.

  • Mega bucks cars are rarely targeted by thieves when parked on the streets, but bikes are all day long, frustrating and doesn't help cycling becoming more popular as a mode of transport.
    Was on a multi day ride with some mates (spendy road bikes + bags), and we stopped in a town for some food, locked all the bikes up even though we were standing within 10-30m of them, as we were chatting at table outside pub, maybe 12m from the bikes a van pulled up and two guys just yanked the hell out of the pile of bikes to see what they could grab, then we noticed and 6 of us running at them, they took off. Couldn't chase, reported and police turned out, cloned plates + cctv wasn't that useful. Quite a lot of damage, mate had to get an expensive taxi and a train home as his rear wheel + mech was trashed, and end of the trip for him. Worst isn't the damage, its that all we remember of that trip (last good one before C19) was two scrotes jumping out of a van trying to rob a bike, and not the 3 days of amazing riding + mates. Fuckers.

  • Ive realised the only time I'm really anxious is when I can't see my bikes or if I can see my bike, locked but I'm wearing cleats and can't chase shit.

    I suppose I should be grateful for that.

  • Exactly one year ago I got three bikes stolen from my basement.

    First one is a Cougar TT bike, found on ebay via LFGSS, someone might remember it­27/
    Built Mavic Mektronic and Dura Ace 9sp, with Look Ergostem and Mavic bullhorns
    Here more pictures and all the details­me-trial-stolen-38583

    Second one is a Scapin Eos7 from 2002 with its original Wound Up fork, Ultegra 11sp built, with lots of FRM parts (headset, topcap, stem, seatpost) and handbuilt wheels with PMP carbon hubs­s7-collezione-2002-stolen-43667
    These pictures are a bit old, as I then added the FRM headset, Absolute Black oval chainrings and Deda Superleggera carbon bars

    Third one is a Cannondale Caad12 in pearl white and black paintjob (pretty rare as this paintjob was only available on bare framesets), Ultegra R8050 Di2 built with Ciamillo Zero G20 SL brakes but incomplete as it had crankset and chain missing (last pictured in the link below)­e-caad12-stolen-44787

    I'm not living in the UK, I live in Turin, Italy, but seeing how international is this community I hope to get some news. Please keep your eyes peeled
    Many thanks

  • Reynolds 731os is on my ebay search notifications and I always look out for frames or bikes in this tubing so will keep a look out for you

  • Thanks, really appreciated

  • Has anyone lost a caad 12 in Norfolk? This is listed for £300...

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  • For an awful moment there, I thought you'd had your Isen nicked

  • Haha thankfully not. I just saw this and it looks dodgy AF

  • Anybody missing a Marin Pine Mountain?

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  • Are you rescuing it?

  • It is secured for now. I‘ll post in some places and see if anybody comes back to me. The frame is in quite good condition. If nobody is missing it I‘ll most probably find a new home for it.

  • My housemate had his front wheel stolen in Peckham yesterday, its a Hunt 50 carbon front wheel (rim break) with Hunt Race Season Sprint hub and a GP5000 tyre. If anyone see's anything anywhere please let me know (needle in a haystack I know)

  • I know there's a few Leeds people on here. A mate has just had his Planet X stolen. Please keep an eye out for it! He bought it a few months ago, broke the fuck out of his leg almost immediately and was only out on it for the first time today after his accident. Absolutely gutting.

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  • Some more info

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  • Might be worth checking the dodgy bike stall at Kirkgate market.

  • Good call! Thanks

  • Two purple Genesis Vagabonds stolen from a storage building at work - Stoke Newington.

    • Both 2016 purple frame
      Vagabond 1 - Medium frame, upside down Jones bars with riser (a little more aggressive - the way I liked it!)
      Vagabond 2 - Small frame, Alfine 8, more traditional look.

    Gutted - these had a bit of sentimental value. Any info would be much appreciated!

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  • Last night my Dolan Pre Cursa was stolen from Caledonia road.

    If anyone sees it around or online please get in touch.


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Stolen bikes

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