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    Unfortunately this is becoming popular everywhere, up here in Glasgow seeing a large increase in number of bikes stolen for parts by cutting the frame, and just straight up component theft. Had a spate of about 5 bikes where the brakes had been stolen in a fortnight in the same street, stopped shortly after so either police got them, or a local corrected the thieves ways.

  • The GFs Pinnacle Arkose was stolen this afternoon from 'secure' bicycle parking section of an office opposite Wimbledon Train Station SW19 (building behind the waitrose). They cut the D lock...

    Bike is dark grey with custom paint in a pina collada fade on the inside of the forks and seatstays,

    and a custom sprayed pineapple motif near the top of the fork on the driveside.

    hoping that these unique details might make it easier to spot.
    other than that it had an sks rear guard and two caps missing from the cranks (shimano claris)

    this day is sad :(

    BUT we cyclists can work miracles so here's the best pics I have right now and if you see it around throw a lock on it please!

    or if you see someone with it let me know on here and i'll despatch a crew!


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  • That was a nice bike aswell. The street it was stolen must be someone local to the area.

  • My purple Caad was stolen yesterday between 4-5pm Oliver road, E10. In front of Leyton Orient FC reception. They managed to cut my Abus Granit Steel O Flex 1000 lock. Please the picture attached.

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  • My pal confessed to me that she lost her bike in the summer.

    Its a Ribble made from Reynolds 653 with Cinelli lugs, painted in a slightly pearlescent white. Black Ribble decals on seat tube and silver on the downtube. Drive side internal routing.

    Shimano 105 headset, bit notchy from what I remember, Cinelli 1a Stem to Giro Di Italia bars I think. Light Grey bartape. White hoods Shimano 105.

    Full Shimano 7 speed 1055 groupset from what I remember, downtube shifters. Silver Mavic MA Rims and standard black tyres. Triple 105 crankset.

    Apparently my friend left it outside a Panda Oriental Islington, between Clissold and Newington Green early september while on shrooms... le sigh.

    Here it is before we switched the bar tape up

    If anyone has picked it up I would happily compensate them for a safe return.

    Alternatively if you have seen it around or for sale please shoot me a pm.


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  • What’s the move when you see your stolen bike for sale online? I’ll call the police in the morning, but do they actually come and help you get it back?

  • Give them a courtesy call and bring your mates.

    Honest opinion, they care fuck all!

    Popo obviously, not your mates! ;)

  • Theres a good sticky on this forum about it, but essentially just go and buy it, act interested but not too interested, inform police, take backup, don't take risks, some folk are proper scum bags.

  • Unfortunately the seller is the person who mugged me for it, so meeting isn't really an option. Police were apologetic but seems there's little they're able to do.

  • That's disappointing and shameful - taking a bike and taking a bike by force are quite different and they should be all over it. Chances the thief isn't, anyway, already known to the police? I'd kick up a fuss on Twitter - though also be mindful of exposing yourself to revenge since you use your real name on there.

  • Very much not official guidance here but how about arranging a meet, or get a friend to, turn up but stay a decent distance and out of sight, phone the busies and describe your thief, say he's waving a knife about, wait for them to show, swoop in and retrieve your bike

  • If you have a friend willing, get them to turn up and ride off on it. Obviously, it's not always that easy and negotiating to be able to give it a test ride can be a task in itself. If you can assemble a group that are nearby then that would be preferable.

  • Did you manage to get it back by any chance?
    Shame I didn't see this otherwise I would've offered to help get it back

  • Unfortunately the seller is the person who mugged me for it

    That's fucking scandalous. You can positively ID someone who mugged you and the police are "apologetic"?!

  • I appreciate offers of help but I don’t want to put anyone at risk. I’d arranged a meet tonight but when I called police they had nobody available. I’ll try again another day but it’s not looking great.

  • Tweet your MP (can also try the PM but best not), even if you have to create a new Twitter account. Tell them you were mugged, that you’ve pinpointed the mugger’s whereabouts and the police refuse to help you recover your property and arrest a criminal.

  • It's possible Boris is busy right now, though he'd probably appreciate an easy hero distraction.

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  • I don't like the police but they only way you will get them to action is to exaggerate the situation. As mentioned above by other people tell the police you confronted the person and the prick brandished a knife or something.

  • Yesterday at around 4pm there were multiple police cars, and a helicopter in the sky, at the eastway in Leyton. I asked one of the at least 10 officers standing around what they were doing, and he replied that they were looking for someone who had crashed a stolen car after a chase. But steal a bike and they'll do fuck all.

  • There's definitely a strange disconnect between the two. Copper I reported the theft to seemed surprised at the value of my bike. It's nothing fancy, but I suppose that rebuilding it all would cost £1500 or £2000. But it looks like an old vicar's town bike. Plenty of cars on my street are worth less than that.

  • A colleague saw 2 cunts steal a bike on the corner of Tabernacle and Paul St in Shoreditch. They used an angle grinder.

    If this was yours, drop me a line.

  • Tabernacle Square? (The small square between the two streets you mention and Great Eastern Street, just on the big junction.)

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Stolen bikes

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