Stolen bikes

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  • it is, let me know on the slim chance you may see it please. Distinctive saddle angle!

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  • A mate of mine had his distinctive Condor pinched. The colour makes me think it would be pretty recognisable! Drop me a DM if anyone spots it.

    Stolen from Broadway Market two weeks ago!

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  • Hey LFGSS - on the lookout for…maybe in East London, then London, then anywhere -

    CAAD12 Disc Ultegra - fairly stock with destickered Aksiums
    Genesis CDF - Army Green, Panaracer Grav Kings - Hunt x Masons

    Both have Romin Saddles

    Would love to be reunited - pneumatic job on some Kryptonites 🤦🏼♂️

  • Here are some pics

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  • If anyone lost a white carbon Cipollini with full Super Record, drop me a DM.

  • Just had a 700c front wheel stolen in Fitzrovia,

    Mavic rims and an unbranded carbon hub

    Attached a photo of the wheel on the bike and a picture of the thief if anyone sees them cycling around

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  • Last night I managed to get a stolen bike off 2 kids in Vicky Park as they were riding away.

    Its a basic silver / black road bike from a major brand, probably come from Hackney Wick where I live.

    I have handed it to Bethnal Green police station, PM me if you / your friend has lost a bike fits description and I will give you the crime reference.

  • Good effort. How did you clock that it was stolen?

  • 2 kids with face covering riding on their bikes, wheeling a third bike by hand. I asked the first man I saw for help.

    I convinced him that the bike was stolen, then we followed the kids into the park and shouted "Oi, that is my bike". The kids dropped it and rode away faster than I could blink.

  • Good work fella.

  • a picture of the thief

    The thief being that elderly man?

  • Yes- a friend saw him swap a wheel and took the picture

  • Thanks, not someone you'd expect to be a bike thief, but I guess you get all sorts.

    So he swapped the wheel on the bike out for another (presumably inferior one)?

  • Hi,

    Directed here from Retrobike. My son’s much loved DeKerf Team SST was stolen in 90secs whilst locked up opposite the Costa on Tooley Street Se1.

    The landlord of a boozer there said the police are often in telling people not to lock their bikes there because there’s no CCTV…

    My sons’s absolutely gutted as you’d expect.



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  • Long shot but if anyone has lost a town bike in East Dulwich area give me a shout as I found an abandoned one on saturday morning at Goose Green.

    I took it in for safekeeping and have left a note with my details/posted on local forum and checked There are no bikeregister details or anything like that.

    If I can't find the owner in a few weeks will donate to a charity.

    Anything else I can do?

  • Don't know how you'd go about it but check with the police? It might have been reported

  • Doh, completely forgot about the police! Thanks, will do.

  • Mate got this nicked from Spitalfields Market, Specialized Globe single speed.

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  • Another one - posting on behalf of a friend.

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  • Friend of mine has had his Scott Solace Premium 2014 Dura-ace di2 nicked from the bike room at his flat in Clapham. Doubt there are that many of these rides around so please shout if anyone sees it.

    I don't know all the details about the bike but I'm pretty sure those Reynolds wheels aren't stock.

    I've tried to help my friend as much as possible and advised on going via the police and FB/Gumtree/eBay etc to keep an eye out.

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  • In Glasgow we have an older guy 'dodgy martin' I think he is known by, literally looks the same guy (isn't), well known for house breaking, tends to follow people home and then strike hours later. Our local theif looks pretty run down and elderly'ish, so folk feel sorry for him/don't push charges etc, but in reality he has a very nice house in the south side, has a job and is of sound mind, just seems to enjoy robbing peoples houses.

  • My mate just had his Ducati motorbike stolen from same street yesterday, possibility that its a regular group that hit that street.

  • Just had my cube attain pro 50cm stolen within the last 12 hours. Stolen from se16 area

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    Mate got his Claud Butler Explorer 400 nabbed as well around Mile End if anyone has seen it about.

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Stolen bikes

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