Stolen bikes

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  • Have found with couriers if something gets damaged its 'easier' for them or their insurers for it go 'missing' then it is to be delivered damaged.
    Recently had a very large amount of custom made items go 'missing', literally bright pink, white and black boxes on a pallet each. All of them to go missing, just doesn't happen. Ordered fresh ones, months waiting for them to also turn up, finally NEW items turn up, and ONE of the original order miraculously turns up, written on the side in sharpie 'only send this 1/7', and it wasn't from the sender.

  • HHV Chairman's bike stolen today. Blue Ribble CGR. Some very clear images of the thieves too.­?utm_medium=copy_link

  • Brentford police have found quite a few bikes.

  • My girlfriends bike was stolen today from University Hospital lewisham, Catford, where she had just finished a 12 and a half hour long ass shift.
    It’s a 2017 Ridgeback Supernova disc, silver/grey with a pannier rack on the rear. It’s a pretty standard hybrid but in good nick, hydraulic disc brakes, with a few superficial scratches on the frame and an old Aberfeldy triathlon sticker on the seat post. First pic is from a few weeks ago, badly cropped barely in frame. Second pic was taken shortly after it was first bought
    Anyone in the lewisham or SE London area please keep an eye out.

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  • Fingers crossed for him.

    Always surprised me that people leave their multi thousand pound bikes unlocked and unattended at HHV.

  • Someone stole both my red Ambrosio Balance wheels inside my gate in Stoke Newington (it was locked).
    Here is the original listing:­10/

    If anyone sees them please let me know! Also if anyone can help me buy a new wheel set that would be appreciated as I am not that versed in buying parts......

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  • Sorry to hear - it's annoying when this happens.

    Wheels are standard 700c diameter so easy enough to replace.
    Front wheel spacing is standard at 100mm
    Rear wheel spacing is 130mm so that's what you need to look for - you can get a rear wheel that takes a freewheel or a cassette.

    Unfortunately it is likely that the wheelset with rim tape / inner tubes / tyres / 7 speed freewheel or cassette will set you back more than what you paid for the bike...

  • Hey I totally agree with what @Vince has mentioned regarding sizes but I could possibly help with replacing the wheels without too much money as I have a set of nothing special wheels and they even have red rims I have a shimano 7 speed cassette and I’m sure tyres and tubes that should see you get on your way again I’ll try and do all this £35
    cheers k

  • Hey @Vince - ugh yeh im gutted! I was so close to messaging you to get an idea of what to buy since you put it all together for me previously and it was so gorge...

    @littleK- amazing that would be fantastic- thank you so much! I'll private message you.

  • From peckhamcc:
    My Merida has been stolen from office in EC2A this morning. Its a one off Revamp paint scheme, 52cm frame, full ultegra parts
    If you see please contact Paul

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  • Trek 2500 Pro stolen from Stoke Newington this morning - please contact me on here if you have any info. Reward of £200+ if found

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  • Brings me great sadness posting this, but last night/this morning our shed door was bolt-cut open and locks cut through, taking both mine and my wife's bikes.

    Hers is a Vitus Razor, mine slightly more distinctive, a copper Brother All Day with tanwalls, wide bars and a front rack. Both the bikes have baby seat mounts on the downtubes, as seen in the photos. Small chance, but if anyone spots anything there will be a reward for any information. Or at least throw a lock on it!

    Happened in Finsbury Park N4, just off Brownswood Road.

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  • Had my bike stolen last week.
    SPECIALIZED AWOL with brown brookes saddle, brown brookes bar tape and tan wall riddler tyres. Had a heavy duty rear pannier. Locked outside a restaurant near Victoria Park hackney.
    I brought this bike back from NZ, where I rode it round the country. It has huge sentimental value to me. Its an adventure bike and is rarely seen in London.

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  • Hi Guys, On tuesday eve at the Turks Head Pub in Wapping I had my Orbea Orca M20 ltd 2021 stolen. I was sat outside on a chair with the bike in my hands when two dudes on a black moped mounted the pavement knocked me off my chair and yanked it from. It's a matte black 55cm frame with an ultegra groupset and ultegra spd-dl pedals (with a 4mm axel gap). It had 32mm hardshells on

    Please hit me up if you see anything

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  • Shocking :(. Hope you’re ok

  • Any one lost a geared F.moser anytime in that last year?

    Seen near wood green and the guy riding it had a random cross top lever, not attached to the handle bar as one brake and the right hand brake lever was half snapped. Rest of the bike had high end pedals and saddle so didn't exactly fit.

  • The haiku bike I built for my friend has been found, turns out that the neighbours 16yr son and his mate had conspired to steal it but got caught by a neighbours cctv camera.

  • Boys will be boys but best nip that tendency right in the bud. Glad the bike was found.

  • Edited my post…but boys will be boys is dumb.

    Glad the bike was recovered!

  • Hi all,

    My beautiful Fairlight Strael 2.0 was stolen last night from my flat on Clissold Crescent, Stoke Newington. I'm utterly devastated.

    It's a grey Strael 2, but I've changed the tyres to Panaracer Gravel King 35 and it has two Condor mesh bottle cages, Look SPD pedals and ISM saddle.

    Reward of £350 plus if found or returned. Please hit me up if anyone sees or hears anything. Thanks all

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  • A friend's bike was stolen last night from Swiss Cottage area. No break-in, he thinks it could have been someone with a key to the property. Would appreciate any info or sightings - I'm not local but will pass on anything to him.

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  • Anyone missing or recognise this? It was dumped over a fence at work, I presume it was stolen and dumped when it got a puncture.

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  • Mate has had his bike nicked from his hallway in New Cross. Unlikely but please give me a shout if you spot it. It’s a repainted Falcon…

  • Working on pic…

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Stolen bikes

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