Stolen bikes

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  • From my friends insta

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  • Just heard from a mate , who had his Merida speeder 200 nicked from Euston yesterday, small size . Let me know if you hear anything .
    If anyone has similar they are looking to get rid of then let me know .

  • pic and details? I live around here and cycle around here a lot, so is a good shout if you guys share with Stolen Ride @ IG as well

  • He sent me a stock photo, which I am struggling to add to Instagram site , will look again later . Amal size .

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  • Small size .

  • One from my neck of the woods

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  • This seems too cheap and badly listed to be genuine - anyone has a Seven stolen?

  • This lady looks suspiciously short for such a high saddle. She was sat at St. John’s church yard on Mare St Hackney (9am) if anyone recognises the bike.

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  • Stolen from our garden shed in Stoke Newington Saturday night. I'd appreciate it if any spots it anywhere and lets me know. It means a hell of a lot to me, as I'm sure you all understand. It was passed on to me by a friend (previously posted here­92/#comment9615557). Condor custom frame fillet brazed fixed (colour: Bob Jackson Verdi metallic green).

    Also stolen was a Thorn Nomad, red, med sized frame, black rear rack.


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  • My mountain bike's been stolen from a bike shed building in SE15. (Was behind security gate and locked etc)

    Size small, sonder dial NX Eagle. All specs as here but had brooks c17 saddle­nx-eagle

    Any help much appreciated as I am very GRUMPY.

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  • My very large Moser was stolen yesterday from our hallway in Nunhead / Peckham Rye area.

    Would appreciate any reported sitings a lot, as bike is of sentimental value. Fingers crossed + tips welcome for where I might go to seek it out besides Brick Lane..


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  • Its a long shot but maybe someone knows original owner. Tried to contact the owner through but so far no answer. Its on classifieds page and i believe it will not stay there for a long :(

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  • My mate's bike got nicked outside South London Gallery between Peckham/Camberwell. Claud Butler. Notable bars. Anyone sees it, let me know. Cheers.

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  • Beautiful and really distinctive two-tone blue Brompton (M3, 3 gears) was stolen last night from outside the Barbican (silk street) while I was at the theatre. It’s my sister’s bike and it was a gift, so I feel awful. If anyone comes across this bike I’d be infinitely grateful if you could let me know. Contact: 07403301878. Thanks, Tash

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  • This Geoffrey Butler was supposed to be thief-proof due to beater disguise. Stolen nevertheless last night from a garden in Caldecot Road, Denmark Hill. Grateful for any sightings, it is of sentimental value (frame was bought on this forum from the member formerly known as Brother, latterly 1922, the originator of the famous Pitlock thread from a decade ago).

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  • Appreciate this comment is not helping & its shitty to have a bicycle stolen but if the lock on his bars in the photo is what he was using surely only a matter of time before it got stolen

  • I know this isn’t going to help much, but what on Earth were you doing locking a Brompton up outside in London for a few hours? They fold for a reason, and the Barbican has cloakrooms that will take them, I know, cos I’ve done it.

    Never, ever leave a Brommie locked up in London, anywhere.

  • You’re right, that is unhelpful. Also the Barbican does not currently have open cloakrooms - Covid.

  • I built this bike for an old friend of mine which was stolen last night from his garden in romford, I don't have any good photos but it is very distinctive, Haiku bikes custom all black frame and fork, extra small size, 20speed XT with disc brakes 26" wheels, custom front rack and full mudguards.

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  • I fixed up this Boardman Comp Fi for a friend who is just finishing her PhD at UCL. It was stolen on Friday 9th July from Gordon Square. Kryptonite Fageddaboudit locking chain cut clean through. Has a BikeRegister tattoo 01869198854 on the downtube, locking skewers, locking seat clamp, and Crud mudguards that have some stainless fittings replacing the usual plastic nuts. She's absolutely gutted. Please keep an eye out!

  • My mates Sunn Bmix was stolen in Catford.

    Coaster brake, different tyres to the pic (Schwalbe Big Ben 2.15”)

    26” wheel cruiser bmx

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  • Damn, cool bike, hope your friend gets it back

  • Great bikes those! Hope he gets is back.

  • Yeah, me too, and thanks!

    It used to be mine so it’s extra sentimental. sold it to him for peanuts, and he used it a lot :(

  • Dunno if it's actually been stolen but a frame we made and had back to repaint and send back to Belgium has gone missing with UPS, last tracking ping was a London warehouse, it's a bit distinctive so if anyone sees it let me know.

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Stolen bikes

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