Stolen bikes

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  • Heya guys new to this forum but thought it was worth a shot. Had my 2016 Aventon Cordoba nabbed yesterday in Cambridge. Frame number AVD14030715. If any of you see it anywhere I'd be much obliged.

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  • Paging @Thrasher Could this be your friends bike?

  • Thanks have put them in touch with the page

  • Bike found! Thanks all. Police randomly found it in Camden.

  • A friend in Peckham had his bike stolen earlier this week, reported and all.

    He found it for sale on Gumtree, agreed a price and managed to get a hold of the address. He then passed it on to the police who arrested the man and confiscated a bunch of bikes.

    Judging by the Gumtree profile I am thinking my friend's was not the only stolen one. Have a look in case it helps.

  • Good grief. A serious enthusiast. Albeit one who photographs each sale from NDS

  • Saw 2 bike thieves on upper ground street cut through a lock and nick a bright green specialized hybrid outside the ITV building. I flagged down the police who gave chase. Both thieves were mounted on bikes and were dressed in hi vis yellow cycling vests with high vis yellow cycling helmets. They abandoned one of the bikes but got away. Contact the met police if this is your bike. Fucking hate bike thieves...

  • Bike found! Thanks all. Police randomly found it in Camden.

    Did the bike register actually work?

  • This Look 555 listing looks quite dodgy in case anyone has heard of anyone having one stolen...

    Just listed as 'bicycle'­hash=item3dba110c44:g:m-sAAOSwHBdgazci&a­utorefresh=true

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  • For Glasgow members:

    Brother's girlfriend had her bike nicked from near the Strathclyde uni gym. Brand new Trek FX 2 disc, unfortunately didn't have any photos of her own but it's the same one attached. I've told them to keep an eye out for it going up for sale but if anyone sees anything I'd appreciate a heads up.

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  • Hey all!
    Also new to the forum. My residency's been burgled and my bike was stolen. It's a BTwin Hoprider 100, Low Frame (yeah, I rode a low frame & I liked it.)

    It has BikeRegister stickers on it, and a Decathlon frame number on the bottom of the frame.

    Probably a long shot, but if anyone here has seen it by some miracle, I'd be SUPER grateful! Feeling really restricted without a bike :(

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  • Hi all,

    Unfortunately my bike was stolen today from the Kensington area...

    Have little faith in ever seeing it again but worth voicing it incase it crops up on here or any other second hand bike platforms.

    It's a Kinesis Race Lite 4s as seen in the photo attached...Rapha frame bag luckily not attached!

    Thanks in advance and safe riding ✌️

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  • Hi all,

    My beloved Bianchi was stolen from outside my house in Peckham last night. It's very unique, with the drops changed to sweeps and a front rack (panniers are safe with me luckily). I use it for my delivery job and it's very special to me. If you see it around please let me know!

    Many thanks LFGSSers


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  • Not going to believe this six months after it was first stolen the bike is stolen again. Last thief was an opportunist. This time it's a professional. Had locked it up with a motorbike chain lock and they cut through it and took everything. There is a change to the seat post. It has a felt seat post on the Cannondale. Same colourful spokes on the spin wheels. If you see it post here, anywhere else or on the roads give me a call 07944472047

    Here is a link to the original post­69/

    also a link to my insta post with a pic of how it currently looked when stolen second time round.­

  • not on this occasion. Police worked.

  • Ventured down to the shed this morning to find the shed door open my Planet X pro carbon stolen. Brooks b17 saddle, spds, carradice saddle bag and Planet X carbon cages

    If anyone sees this bike in the Reading area please give me a message

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  • My bicycle was stolen from a bike hangar in Hackney near Victoria park, E9.

    I discovered the incident around 8:30 am on Wed 5 May 2021 and I believe the theft took place around 3pm on Tue 4 May 2021 as my neighbour saw it.

    They cut through the main lock of the hangar with an angle grinder.

    It is a Whyte Suffollk with Frame number: F50450772

    description: Road bike with a pannier rack, mudguards, disc brakes, and Shimano 105 groupset. Pedals have cleat on one side and flat on the other side. Pictures are old from when the bike was brand new and it now has a 105 chainset as well as thicker Schwalbe Marathon Plus 28" tyres

    Please let me know if you see or hear anything.
    Many thanks

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  • It's a long shot, but...
    If anyone happens to see an orange Brompton S3L for sale, with a Swytch electric bike conversion kit, I'd be very interested to know. Mine was stolen this afternoon in the Marylebone area of London, outside Waterstones on Torrington Place.
    It's less than a year old and had hardly any use. I don't even have any pictures of it.
    I'm not half as attached to it as my singlespeed, but it's going to cost me a stackload more to replace!
    Frame no:738472

  • Good shout, thank you. Done.

  • Brompton also have their own registry which is worth using

  • Shpock needs to be banned, or more needs to be done about people registering properly to post on there. It’s literally just full of stolen bikes.

  • Saw 2 grey tracksuited young men riding ladies e-hybrids through West Norwood yesterday. Neither of which had any power in them so they were going pretty slowly.

  • Saw what looked like a Sky team issue Bolide(?) at Greendale bike path/East Dulwich Grove last night around 19.30. Had the green in place of the Sky blue, where they swapped out for a Tdf a few years back.

    Might have been legit - housemate/friend riding over to HH for someone after work? - but person riding defo wasn’t into marginal gains!

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Stolen bikes

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