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  • Hi, my friend said I should post in here as I just had my bike stolen last night from a shared hallway in Brixton (upstairs neighbour must've left the front door unlocked!). It's a Black TREK DOMANE AL 2. It has a bunch of stickers on it. Unfortunately I don't have any good photos, just these -

    Let me know if there's anything else I could try and do to track it down - i'm looking at FB Marketplace/Gumtree/eBay - really appreciate any help! Richard.

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  • Hey everyone
    Just had my bike stolen last night from Vauxhall South London

    If everyone knows or sees anything let me know please.

    Thank you all

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  • Guys I got my bike back from the thief
    He got arrested
    He has 15 other stolen bikes

    I managed to get pictures of 2 bikes

    If anyone knows who the owners might be
    Let me know

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  • +

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  • Great news! How did you get it back?

  • He put an ad on gumtree
    I met up with him
    He took me to his house where he has around 15 bikes locked up
    Told him the bike was mine
    And called the police

  • Hello fellow Choppers

    I had my bike stolen last night from my staircase in Fortrose Gardens, Streatham.

    It's a red Pinnacle Arkose with faded marks on some parts of the frame.
    Front wheel is an Alex Rim and rear is a Mavic Aksium.

    Has SKS Mudguards and a Tubus pannier rack

    If everyone knows or sees anything let me know please.

    Thank you all

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  • I've messaged a mate who's wife stolen bike looked similar to that.

    It could be but hers didn't have pedals do you know which police station is looking after the case for her to get in contact with? Her bike is with bike register so maybe they will get on touch either way if it is.

  • My workmates Marin was stolen yesterday evening just off Oxford Street. Had the red Bullhorns on like in the IG picture. If anyone sees it... 👍👍👍👍

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  • Turns out you don't need to save up for a new bike(s), you can smash and grab 10k worth and then just get a suspended sentence and keep your nose clean for a couple of years:­ll-news/midlands-gang-stole-bikes-worth-­4887792

  • Bikes afaik are counted as a frivolous leisure toy (in legal terms) not a legit form of transport or way of earning a living in uk. Have seen 1st hand what happens to someone who's way of earning an income is stolen, they quickly fall through the system and end up in very rough situation. However my junk 20 year old car is stolen and it gets a lot more weight on the legal system brought against those involved.
    Local shop to us robbed at weekend, again, near £50k this time. Minus excesses they'll get their trade value back, but not loss of income, normally that sucks but its the norm. But this year with stock so hard to come by, it hurts a lot more and you can't insure that. Suspected from an organised gang, the stock will go out of the country within days.

    Really good to see they pirates rescue that Pearson and help bring about an orderly arrest, good job for keeping the high road and staying civil guys, its hard to not resort to other methods but hopefully the result is they are put infront of a magistrate and it gets them some punishment.

  • Sorry to hear about the problems for your LBS, as you say there is more to it than just the loss of stock, esp this year when bikes and components are in the same category as hens teeth and rocking horse shit. It just seems that there is very little deterrent in place to make people think twice about this sort of thing, and due to high demand I imagine the rewards are quite high for those profiting from such thefts.

  • Number of folk just generally on the rob is way up, lots of cars being taken 'for scrap' (well its theft, but somehow 'accidentally thought it was scrap' seems to get them out of any kind of sentence happens a lot.
    Tried beefing up my own business insurance policy, amount of clauses and caveats that lets them weasel out of their obligation vs seriously increased premiums means for a lot of folk its not worth the extra for the 'cover' they provide.

  • Is this yours by any chance? Size looks very similar and the visible scratch on the seat tube is identical.

    Admittedly, wheelset/chainring and saddle arent the same but can be changed easily. E3 is not far from Hackney Wick.­1oEERIx/cinelli-vigorelli-track-bike-sin­gle-speed

    Seller seems to turnover a lot of bikes.

  • I'm sure I saw you red light jumping twice today, go a bit slower especially if you are front brake only with a freewheel.

  • Flipping heck, what's happening on South London at the moment?! Vauxhall, Stockwell, Brixton and Streatham seem to be having more bikes knocked than normal

  • Which bike? The black or white one?

    Brixton police station.

    The thief still has over 10 bikes locked up outside. In the estate next to Oval Station

  • Today by Brixton cycles?
    Sorry was late for work :(

  • As posted on the Brompton thread, haul of stolen Bromptons recovered in Merton

  • I came here to post a stolen bike on behalf of a friend and this was the page I was directed to on the thread. Coincidentally a bike hanger break-in is the reason why I need to make such a post.

  • As mentioned, posting on behalf of someone else. Stolen in Denmark hill/ East Dulwich area from within a bike hanger. The perforated side wall had been clipped in an arch, bent back, bike cover removed and bike lock beaten.

    Not entirely sure when stolen but probably within the last few days/ a week.

    ROSE RR 15 XEON CDX-4000 matt UD-carbon/blue, size 50.
    DT Swiss wheels
    Dura Ace groupset and wheels
    Richest carbon post

    If you could keep an eye out please.

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  • Not gonna judge someone for their bike getting stolen, but that’s a lot of bike to leave in a bike hanger, even for a shopping trip. Will keep an eye out but past experience would recommend watching online sales in rest of Europe, they don’t tend to stay in the UK.

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Stolen bikes

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