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  • he does dispatch with almost any lock in seconds šŸ˜„

    Including the favourite NY Kryptonites

  • Mate's just had his bike nicked over night outside my flat in E5.. it was a total rat bike, not of much value, but cherished nonetheless. Single speed conversion with a chain tensioner and ridiculous BMX stem and bars and the frame is rare enough so it's very distinguishable. Non-original forks and a silver crankset. Lock was cut through.

    To clarify it is NOT this bike in the first pic but it is the SAME frame - a scott USA. The second pic is the actual bike but obvs not the best picture!! If anyone sees it can you throw a lock on it and send me a PM?

    Many thanks

    Can't see it has any resale value so this is the sort of thing you may see someone riding round on locally.

  • Just giving this ^ a lunchtime bump for a few more views. Will leave it at that.

  • One bike thief caught, loads to go:Ā­ief-spate-bicycle-thefts-london-jailed-bĀ­72194.html

    It seems as if this one had very sophisticated methods thrown at him.

  • Cross post from the motorbike thread.

    Local thieves have been trying to steal my motorbike in New Cross yesterday. The only one day this year the bike was left unlocked (I had a prospective buyer coming to view it).

    My neighbour stepped in to prevent the theft - top guy!

    He said those two people on the scooter are well known motorbike thieves in the SE area.

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  • Damn, lucky timing. You moved to New Cross?

  • Another one gone, this time nicked from my flat complex in SE15 (indoors). That's twice in a week now. Cunts.

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  • the fucking cheek of them mouthing off at the end about having watched it and waiting for it to be unchained. jesus christ.

  • I wish I had cousins neighbours like yours. What a fucking dude!

  • Hi everyone, new to LFGSS.

    Last night my Surly Cross check was taken when I popped into a wine shop on Blackstock road - N4. Was inside for 60 seconds and someone swooped in - we saw him, tried chasing, even hit him with a bottle of wine, but he sped off (with my pannier no-less). The owner of the shop was great and tried chasing after. He's the one who recommended LFGSS.

    It's a dear bike to me, got it in NYC and moved to London with it last year.

    Dark green, black fenders, rear rack. There aren't many Cross Checks around, it has plenty of little distinguishing features. Should I post those?

    Would be immensely grateful to get it back - hell, I'd even give a reward for info or if you spot it to put a lock on it. I'd be able to identify it 100% based on a couple unique features. Any other tips or info to help with tracking a stolen bike are hugely helpful. Definitely learned my lesson.

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  • My Bike was just stolen from outside Victoria park today at 3pm

    Bianchi Pista Fixie with Mavic Ellipse wheels, Attached images, the bikes currently got a different saddle to pictures, saddle that was stolen a Fizik antares r3.

    Also has black Odi grips instead of the tape in the pictures.

    Nitto riser Handlebars and tokyo fixed foot straps

    If anyone sees anything would really apreciate it

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  • SS black bike found in Westminster. I spotted it outside our office when leaving around 6.30 PM last night, and it was still here this morning. I've moved it inside where it'll be safe and am in contact with Paradise Cycles to try and track it down via the engravings on underside of bottom bracket.

    I haven't had the chance to take more detailed shots or measurements but if this looks familiar please get in touch. It's by no means anything special and has a flat tire/wobbly headset, but with some TLC could be easily be road worthy.

    Hope this is picked up!

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  •Ā­ndale-synapse-al-disk-105-2020-road-bikeĀ­-/1391186453 Anyone had a Black Synapse Stolen? Pretty dodgy listing no sizing,specs etc and crap photo.

  • Anyone lost a CAAD X with pitlock?

  • Just had my Triban stolen from my house in Harrow Rd W10..

    Large triban with distinctive green wall 38 Gravel Kings

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  • Saw the Bianchi in Victoria Park this afternoon. It was with a bunch of young people who were sitting around near the tennis courts.

  • Thanks! I went by after reading this but I think they'd left.

    Do you remember what time you saw them?

  • It was around 3pm. About 8-10 of them, 14-17 years old, smoking dope, all black clothing. At least it's still in the area. I'm guessing it's the same one, noticed the bars.

  • Cheers- I'll keep trying. Thanks for letting me know

  • Hi folks, just putting this around, had my and my wife's bikes stolen last night, from london N4 area. just putting it out there incase anyone spots them on gumtree etc.

    obvs besides the distress and $ loss, it's our only mode of transport and way in and out of the nursery with our daughter (sadly seat also gone)


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Stolen bikes

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