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  • Had my beautiful new ribble stolen out of a CycleHoop Hangar in Tufnell Park/Archway. It is orange with blue stripe.

    Decent reward for return or any info which means I can get it back <3

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  • My friend had his Mash Histogram stolen last night in Hackney. Think it’s a small and there’s a ding in the top tube.

    Can people keep an eye out please.

    Thanks 🙌

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  • Properly GUTTED. Our two Danish brand bikes women's MBK Genesis (WMB22194M) and men's Kildemoes Logic Flow Ltd (WBK558115M) both stolen Mon 19 Oct from our garden via Compton Ave in Islington London. They were covered, locked to each other and to a railing; the railing was pulled from the wall and chains clipped. Both bikes also had rear wheel locks so they likely had to be carried off

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  • Mum's just had her bike stolen from outside Spitlefields, Blue painted Scott road bike, 1x10 with SRAM apex cranks, and carbon Spin wheels with red hubs. Fairly unique, please keep an eye out!

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  • A friend of mine has had their genesis cda 10 stolen. It was stolen from cold harbour lane on the 22/10/20. Any help is greatly appreciated

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  • White BMC slammed stem Ultegra group. Small size. Spotted Camberwell High Street with two rogue kids on it. Getting thrown around 😭

  • Mate has had his Pinarello Paris, Campag Super Record set (mixed vintage), Campag Eurus wheels, frame ID PA5H540075 stolen Oxfordshire today. If anyone sees anything fishy looking like this, please let me know. Ta.

  • These 2 were stolen in Cambridge this week (not mine) while on a cafe stop ... theft in Cambridge is out of control at the moment. Loads of videos of theives brazenly using angle grinders in broad daylight ...

    but these are certainly going to stand out from the usual crap that people ride around here:

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  • Keep an eye out on the intl sites people have mentioned here, there’s little chance those bikes will be shifted locally or even in the UK.

  • yeah I agree. My ritchey ascent (RIP) has not been seen on any UK sites.

    even if you find it on an international site there's no real hope of getting it back is there?

    you basically need to catch it via some sort of drug dealer before it leaves or its over.

  • has anyone compiled a list of the international selling sites?

    i'm a noob and cant seem to find them here

  • but these are certainly going to stand out from the usual crap that people ride around here:

    That top one especially. Rubbish to hear it's happening like that. is it because there are so many fewer students in town? I went to Cambridge a few months ago and it definitely seemed a lot less busy than I remembered it.

  • I don't know. There is definitely less foot traffic and so it's easier to get away with. They've gotten more brazen ... more willing to do stuff in broad daylight, are coming better equipped ... there was a video on a cambridge stolen bikes group of a guy angle grinding a bike lock, and kept doing it until someone spotted cops coming over at which point he fled ... tons of photos of theives just carrying bikes away and don't care who's watching ...

    I read something about how when students fled they didn't sell back their bikes so there's been a student bike shortage. But I also imagine covid has made everyone more desperate for quick cash. I basically decided to replace my town bike with a £45 shopper but I'm not convinced that's safe either ...

  • Fingers crossed. Thanks for the info. When the students are back, everybody can moan about them again. :)

  • they are back ...

    I work at the university. We're all bracing ourselves for the covid carnage ...

    we have our own testing system and, not suprisingly, rates are going up ... lots of poor uni students trapped in college rooms.

  • Ah, I thought it was still the case that many students were studying remotely.

    Do they have 'Covid parties', too? I don't think I'll ever understand why people do that with a virus that is still not known well enough.

  • Any idea what to do with this?

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  • I’d tell the security guard at the Sainsbury’s in case they remember someone saying their bike was gone. Putting a paper sign on whatever it was locked to might help but also might fall afoul of littering etc laws.

  • Anyone lost a Di2 Cervelo P5 TT bike? Because there’s a guy doing his shopping on one in Dalston right now...

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  • Lol can we have a photo of him TTing shopping home in full aero position

  • Pretty sure that guys been riding stupid bikes round Dalston for years now, usually discs and spoks.

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Stolen bikes

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