Stolen bikes

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  • Saw this on gumtree just now

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  • That is 100% daylight robbery (asking 400 for it). Call the police

  • Seems unlikely that the thief put the plastic whatsit back on the cassette…

  • Absolutely and the bars too🤦♂️

  • Just got a letter from the city of London police saying they had convicted the person that stole my Brompton. Googled him, it’s this twat­and-trial-accused-of-multiple-thefts-and­-burglaries-411354

  • My beautiful Ellis-Briggs bike was stolen from 168 Hackney Road, Hoxton in London. It is blue and white with a quad-lock phone mount. It's most identifiable feature is the bike chain connecting the seat and main frame. And it has tan handle binds and seat. It's beautiful and I am heartbroken.

    Please keep an eye out, if you see it, I'll pay whatever it is they want...just want it back.

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  • Guys, anyone had a cinelli vigorelli stolen recently?
    Asked for frame number and the fella flaked

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  • Aaaand another one, just an hour ago. Seems to be the same copy-paste description. Both accounts definitely real people and not bots... Something odd is going on in London

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  • Thanks

  • Hi all,

    Hamish Jenkinson here. Sadly had my bike stolen from Walton, Wakefield.
    It's pretty unique, not seen anyone else with one.
    Look 979 Hardtail, carbon
    Maxxis ardent tyres on currently
    American classic wheels
    FSA cockpit
    Wahoo bracket on stem
    Selle italia seat
    DMR grips
    XT brakes (continental way round)

    Your help would be much appreciated.

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  • yes, this is mine, my friend and I had our vigorellis locked together in hoxton and someone stole them both selling for 280 each. they flaked when I attempted to "buy" it back as well. reported both thier names to the police. but idk what else to do

  • does anyone have any idea where stolen track bikes end up? do they get shipped abroad or do they get put into storage for ages before selling?
    I had a Cinelli Mash Bolt benny gold stolen which was built up with expensive parts
    I have not seen, heard anything about it since it was stolen at the start of august, maybe its in a job lot of bikes i dont know


  • I've heard there are operations that ship out the nicer/pricier stuff abroad. I managed to catch my Ritchey right before it got shipped to somewhere in Eastern Europe ...

    I'm still looking for my other ritchey but those selling sites are hard to navigate if you don't speak the language

  • Thats crazy, luckily you got it back!
    how did you find it? did you contact police etc, or did you just get it yourself?

    the person who took my bike was caught on cctv but police have not done anything to help pursue the person. The guy who looked homeless broke into a staff room, took the bike randomly, as he tried to open random locked doors. He grabbed the bike as a last resort as he was empty handed

  • not find, but catch haha

  • how likely is it that thieves read this forum and see who's doing what about their bike?

  • i doubt a drug addict is checking forum threads on stolen bikes in their spare time while smoking some crack

  • The ones organising international shipments might be tho

  • It’s not just crack heads. It’s organised crime gangs taking these bikes all around the country to sell them

  • this thread is members speaking and sharing information they have, that can help or to locate the where abouts etc etc
    we cant be on a forum, fearful of the thought of crime gangs watching this thread.
    its a pointless thread then.
    to the gang members watching this thread... i will find you, and i will kill you......

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  • to the gang members watching this thread... i will find you, and i will kill you......

    Stop talking about doing crime on the internet.

  • Posting this for a friend

    Hey fellas. Not sure how to say this...
    Have been in a state of shock for the last 24 hours after my beautiful bike got stolen yesterday from my place in deptford london se8 .
    A Canyon Ultimate CF SLX (Medium) is a ridiculously ubiquitous thing so hardly stands out in cycling circles but here is a list of it's defining features such as they are:
    -Dura Ace chainset alongside what is otherwise an Ultegra groupset.
    -Ksyrium Exalith wheels.
    -PRO handlebars that have slightly flattened (far from aero) tops.
    -Front tyre GP4000 Rear Tyre Michelin Pro4 Endurance
    -A little white 'H' sticker fore and aft (head tube and and just above seatpin bolt)
    -It had no pedals or chain as I had been servicing them the night before.
    In the unlikely event that you happen to come across it I'd be incredibly grateful if you message coppiThat
    Many, many thanks.
    (Steel bike getting dusted down...)

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  • Posting for a friend.

    Stolen from outside Discover Children’s Story Centre Stratford E15 14th October at 12.44 PM
    Pinnacle Lithium 1 2018 Women's Hybrid Bike

    This was what my bike looked like when it was new. It still has a sticker saying Women’s 5’3” – 5’6” on the crossbar. The handlebars have been replaced so that they are shorter, and foam grips replace the original rubber ones. I also have a luggage rack (old style Pletscher aluminium), with sprung metal holdings on the back, that is attached by an unconventional home-made fixing. There is a big round reflector on the back of this. also has blue bottle holder

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  • 100 quid reward for info that leads to a successful recovery

    Just had a pair of handbuilt touring wheels stolen from SE5 (I'd gotten a bit complacent over the years and didn't lock them up...), de-stickered DT Swiss 511 rims laced to 350 hubs with a through bolt on the front. Wearing tan-wall Gravelking SK 35mms when they went. On the off chance you see them on the internet let me know and if I can get them back the cash is yours.


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Stolen bikes

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