Stolen bikes

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  • On behalf of a friend: Peugeot mixte with rear dropout repair, @ me if you see it please

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  • I had surprisingly good success retrieving my bike -- but that's when I had a contact who had drug dealer friends ... :(

    i'm not having so much luck with my most recent one as this contacts number is not in service anymore (surprise)

  • A friend sadly got her bike stolen from Broadway Market / London Fields. Down the opposite end from the park. It was an old BLB frame and thankfully mainly just sentimental value (had it for 6 years). It’s a shiny red with chrome accents on the fork crown. All silver parts including swept back porteur bars. Turbo saddle. Pic attached. If anyone sees anything let me know and also be wary of the area - they cut right through a Kryptonite in the middle of the night.

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  • Loads of stolen bikes are being quickly shipped to Eastern Europe and then being sold via the equivalent of Gumtree etc in big cities like St Petersburg and Moscow. Worth checking

    My titanium bike has just turned up, stripped down to just frame and forks, for sale in Moscow. Apparently the bike is currently situated in Minsk... (Where there's a revolution so totally not the time to be bothering the police). If anyone knows some Chechen guys with meat cleavers or a sympathetic Russian policeman who can help with this, do let me know - reward!

  • Meanwhile

    Очаровательные обезьянки!
    Ласковые и супер ручные!
    С документами!
    Отправка осуществляется

    (Adorable monkeys!
    Affectionate and super tame!
    With documents!
    Sending is carried out

  • 'Monkey' is probably a code for 'crate of AK-47s'... The clips are curved like bananas too.

  • Interesting video about bike theft in Paris.

    Since 2019, only 17 bikes are reported stolen each day - which indicate that hardly anyone reports theft to the police.­os/1763521807119082/

    The video follows a bike which has a tracker - it would appear that stolen bikes head to northern Africa pretty swiftly once they are stolen. This is all coordinated by export companies, which by the looks of it, well know what they are doing.

    "Le Bon Coin" (french Gumtree equivalent) is mentioned as the site used to "legally" purchase the bikes which are then exported, however it appear a cover, the bikes do not get listed at all but do help playing the innocent card if queried.

  • My LOOK road bike was just stolen in East Dulwich - here’s a photo - it has a 3T Stem now

    Not holding my breath but please let me know if anyone sees it...

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  • I saw this on eBay a couple months starting bid was £850 then just vanished from my watches item.

    The first picture is the same as the one advertised but the other ones are different

  • Collection was in droitwich now in N1

  • Pics on the shpock are such low res they’re obvz screenshots from the eBay listing. Whole thing stinks tbf


    Hello guys

    My 2008 (ish) Specialized Langster was stolen from outside my house around 1900-2000 last night. I have only just built it and didnt even get proper photos of my build so i only have the photos of the frame, but it was a completely all black build except for the silver ultegra brake.

    Part List
    Langster Frame and fork (XL 58cm)
    Novatec matte black classic high flange wheelset
    Miche Primato cranks (slightly worn) and chainring
    specialized saddle and seatpost
    BLB cog
    Easton Aero alloy drop bars (no tape)
    One front tektro road brake lever
    Ultegra front brake

    Bike is quite ratty looking and missing some decals, very unique with the flat top easton aero bars and the single road brake lever on the drop bars.
    please let me know if you see anything, i need this back

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  • Stolen bikes -

    N5 1QN

    Call the police - tricky people

  • My friends in Brighton had their bikes taken from their shed last night... Please let me know if you see either of them advertised anywhere, the Surly should be pretty noticeable because of the bamboo bits.

    I'll just copy-and-paste what they put on facebook:

    Sadly we've had our bikes nicked from the shed outside our flat...
    Friends in Brighton and around, please keep your eye out for these two:
    1) Navy Blue large Genesis Equilibrium road bike.
    2) Green Surly Disc Trucker. Brown handle bars and saddle with a very distinctive bambo insert in the frame.
    They are insured but we would dearly love to have them back!
    Please let me know if you see them. Thanks

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  • Call the police - tricky people

    Edited the post to remove the full address.

    If you have information for the police - give it to the police.

  • Saw some scruffy looking guy riding a
    badly rattled canned cinelli track bike, think vigorelli, riding through burgess park. Some of the original paint was showing through especially on the chain stays, (pink highlights?) Saw me looking then changed direction...

  • Without a picture or following the bike to destination this information is useless.

  • Your 100% right. Useless reply as well.

  • Not at all, hopefully the next person will grab a picture or see where the, like, totally stolen bike was going.

  • Are you sure it was stolen? I didn't mention that part.

  • Apt thread for your useless post then.

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Stolen bikes

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