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  • Ah man that's where I climb :/


    A suspiciously good build with expensive parts and very little info.
    Green Chris King rear hub, Omnium cranks, what looks like Cannondale Lefty forks, H+ Purple rims.

    Not sure if someone is missing one!

  • outside the climbing centre

    Which climbing centre?

  • I had this bike stolen from outside a cafe on Camberwell Church Street on Monday evening at around 20.45. Please contact me if you have any information or hear of it being offered for sale.

    Details about the bike: 59cm Celo Europa track frame. Chrome Basso road fork. Campagnolo seatpost, headset, cranks and pedals. Black suede Concor saddle. Large 55 tooth drilled chainring. Rigida rims, Maillard track hubs and Gatorskin tyres. Single black front brake with black lever. Black plastic toe clips and black suede toe straps. Silver 3ttt track stem and silver riser bars with black grips.

    Thank you

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    this is the same bike, could always try and message the user to see if it's legit?
    doesn't look that sus to me IMO

  • Epic typo in that Reddit thread: Chris Kink

  • Which climbing centre?

    It must be the Castle. Lots of bikes have been reported stolen or damaged from there over the years, unfortunately.

  • Stolen From Stoke Newington :(

    My Bianchi Mega X Pro got nicked from literally under my nose in the middle of the day last week. It was very temporarily locked up outside my ground floor, very exposed, open window while I was basically two metres away from it (I didn't see anything). Don't hold out much hope of seeing it again but posting here anyway. Any help gratefully accepted.

    Sorry for the crappy photo.

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  • That sucks. I take it that it was out of sight, e.g. below your windowsill?

    How was it locked?

    Shit luck in any case, just not something you expect.

  • Friends ESB got taken from Dalston last night.
    Picture doesn't show it too well but the hubs are pink but faded on one side from where the sun got to them.

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  • :( Extra Stolen Bike

  • Off eBay now, was £590, insane.

  • And now recovered

  • When most of these bikes are getting stolen, how is it happening? Cutting through D locks?

  • Friends; Stolen from Cambridge
    Wisper 705SE
    for the Electric Bike re-sell as market I expect, as supply has fallen off a cliff.
    If anybody spots something....

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  • Surly krampus Ops

    Stolen last night.

    Jones H Bend bars
    Tan brooks saddle
    Conquer frame bag
    Specialised pizza rack

    I’d love to break some cunt’s jaw, so if anyone sees it, please get in contact

    I’ll be doing the usual market and gumtree etc


    I’ll post a picture when I’m home

  • Bike stolen in Stoke Newington (near Butterfield Green) last night!

    Ammaco Ladies De'Sire 16".
    Grey frame with purple lettering.
    Black saddle and flat black handlebar.
    Pannier rack.

    Very sad as I love this bike... £70 reward if you bring it home to me!
    Please help!

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  • Posting this just in case someone see's it on the market. Genesis Tour De Fer taped up and stickered up. 650b g-ones. XT cranks. It was a great bike.

    Couple changes since pic: Thomson silver stem + SMP well saddle

    Stolen outside of ASDA in Cambridge.

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  • Yeah the whole thing is dizzying. Pretty sure I know the duo who has been doing it in my neighborhood... saw them steal a bike the following day. Have worked out where they stash and come to collect. Told the police and they don’t care.

    CCTV at garbage is too pixelated to identify.

    I personally know at least 6 people that have had bikes stolen in the past couple weeks. In one case a can must have turned up and basically took all bikes in a building.

    It’s ridiculous. I’ve been cycling to work and physically carrying my bike into my office (on days I need to go in) which I can do since not many folks coming in ...

  • Have you joined that F****** group?

  • Yes! It’s dizzying how many get stolen ...

    Going to be real bad when students return this week and need bikes.

  • Ah, I didn't realise 'dizzying' referred to the experience of being on there.

    The drawback of all this private action, of course, is that the offenders don't get arrested and prosecuted; not that they would if the private action didn't occur, and at least some people are getting their bikes back, but I'm sure if a 'sale' goes wrong they just go back and nick some more, leading to no reduction in thefts and perhaps even an increase if some don't turn out to have a profitable outcome for the thieves.

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Stolen bikes

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