Stolen bikes

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  • Somehow I hope the police find him before you do. Good luck getting the bikes back.

  • Excellent news. If you hadn’t get the message in time I was making plans to pop down myself with a couple of mates to get it back, but you saved me a trip!

  • The story?

  • In case nobody has put this here before: Avon and Somerset police have recovered a big find of bikes from a prolific thief. They're trying to reunite them with their owners. Photos are here:­ws/recovered-stolen-items

  • That is mental.

  • @benjam

    Anyone local around your area missing bikes?

  • Or even @hoops

  • I've gotten my bike stolen a couple of hours ago near London Bridge, quite recognisable (I think), this one is not a fixie but I've you have seen it around please let me know
    It's a Blue Triad EX

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  • My friends bike has been stolen from outside Nando’s on Sydenham high street, it’s nothin’ special but he uses it a lot.

    Please let me know if seen in any of the usual places

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  • Long shot but my brother's new bike got stolen this afternoon from outside Old Kent Road Tesco Superstore : (

  • ... (sorry)

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  • Not helpful

  • Keep a lookout for this Brother.
    @thomas. on here.

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  • Wow crazy how many great bikes are added to this thread.

    Mine was nicked from inside my building in Haggerston (Hackney) yesterday after lunchtime. It’s a small frame (48cn) and It’s pretty easy to spot because if it’s colours. If anyone sees it please shout out.

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  • Sorry to hear about your loss. Was it in a communal parking area in a new(ish)-build in Haggerston? There have been more thefts reported from there than from any other single location that I'm aware of. Many such storages seem to be badly-managed and keys seem to have got out. Thieves always know they're going to find something in there and if they come at night they'll most likely have hours without disturbance. That hardly helps you, though. Have a look here if you haven't seen it yet:­48/

    Good luck with finding it.

  • Nah it was outside my door. Top floor. Left it there for 10 mins unlocked... got swamped with work and 10 mins turned into a couple of hours. I’ve done it many times and never had an issue. Opened the door to head back out and it was gone though. Learned my lesson haven’t I!

    Good to know though, thanks.

  • Ah, thanks. That is a lesson, yes. It does sound as if it may have been someone living in your building, though. :(

  • scumbag stole my brother kepler outside my flat. Yellow/pink version. rival cranks, xo 2x9, slx brakes. USE carbon seatpost/handlebar, fizik gobi. Front deore/dt swiss 533d purple nipples, rear xt/pacenti.

    Friday 31st of July, 7pm, North London N7 0LU


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  • Thanks my love

  • Hello,

    My boss's custom pinnacle has been stolen from Shoreditch, Its a medium custom sprayed in copper with Di2 alfine 11 gears laced to hope enduro rims, its super distinct even if they have sprayed over everything.
    I have pictures of the frame number somewhere should it be needed but here is a pic..

    It is using a pinhead security lock on the rear wheel Shimano brakes, cranks, lights in the seatpost, dynamo XT front hub - proper custom job... So disappointed that it disappeared.

    We think it was stolen this morning but not entirely sure.

    Please let me know if you see anything at all!
    My number is 07545766170

    Thank you

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  • Anyone tall and missing a ratbike? It's on Facebook market place for £90

  • My amazing Canyon Infite was stolen from my flat in Dalston last week.

    Very distinctive - black kinked top tube, Hunt wheels, gold chain, and one very sad ex owner.

    No CX season for me this year.

    Please keep an eye out :( :(

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  • It's really fucking depressing that so many bikes are being stolen from people's flats now as well as when they're locked up on the street. :(

  • It's horrible, and so little you can do about it.

    Turn strava off before you get home, always double lock your doors, install an internal anchor to lock to and keep an eye out for people keeping an eye out ...

  • They've got more chance of tracking me down by the stench of failure than by Strava!😂

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Stolen bikes

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