Stolen bikes

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  • Thanks for the kind words Joshua, glad it wasn't super dear to me, no sentimental value, but obviously still sucks and just goes to show how many opportunist thieves there are out there... Also, found a photo of it:

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  • Anyone lost a black Pinarello (Dogma I think)
    One went past me this AM very clearly nicked

  • My friend had his bike stolen from I assume Haringey, green lanes. He’s Brazilian and his English isn’t perfect, and he didn’t know the make etc, my other friend reckons it’s a ‘no logo’ and it’s fixed, I think. Anyway here’s a pic

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  • Stolen bike recovered by the Met in Islington today. Missing its chain which is odd. Can't tell the make but they've tweeted a pic here­rk/status/1278362573625274368

  • The world needs more Abduls, he is a legend of a man


  • FFS. 29er Surly Karate Monkey stolen from quite inaccessible garden in the last night or two Hackney Central.

    Just spent a bunch of cash on doing it up as well. Fucking hell.

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  • Just to add, it's got some custom added braze-ons for a rack which should make it easier to ID.

  • My 13 year old was mugged yesterday in Clissold Park, Stoke Newington and they took his brand new No Logo Black Fixie Fiets Bike. Its recognisable because it is COMPLETELY NEW! ! - stickers on the wheels etc. Only ridden to the park

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  • How awful for him. Hope he’s ok

  • Yeah, hope he's ok. Can be very traumatic getting mugged.

  • Brutal. Hope he's okay.

  • What kind of a sad sack takes a bike from a 13yr old in the park. Pathetic.

  • Thanks everyone - he's pretty shaken but he knew to hand it over and not put up a fight so he's physically fine

  • That's horrible. I'll put the word out. I'm glad the lad's ok.

  • Glad he's physically uninjured and hope the bike can be replaced. There have been so many incidents of boys getting mugged for their bikes. The best thing towards healing is knowing that he did the right thing.

  • (sorry for re-post, server errored, now I can't delete the duplicates)

  • (see above)

  • Had a Orbea Carpe 20 (2019) stolen from my flat on Graham Road in Hackney last night. Same thing happened last summer, a few weeks after another was stolen via angle grinder in Hackney Wick. Not having the best of luck.

    Just putting this up here in-case someone notices one being fenced any time soon.

    So sorry to hear about the mugging, puts my loss into perspective :(

  • You're around the corner form me (I'm just off Amhurst). Fuck. These. Fuckers.

  • Hi there,
    Vanmoof s3 was stolen from the parking lot of my work building last Friday
    July 26. At 1915 hours. From Leroy House . 436 Essex rd.

    It is grey , with black wheels , and black storage rack on back. its non - electric 8 speed model

    • I had recently taken the chainguard off, and you can see the silver chain. Which makes this more unique - as they usually have this weird chain guard that covers the whole chain. its all a bit scratched up from use.

    I saw the guy riding my bike last night in the same neighbourhood , just couldn't catch up with him on foot.

    here are some pics of the bike & the cctv of the theft
    he wears a blue baseball cap with a big white H, about 20-30 age, 5'10, white, medium brown hair...

    If anyone sees this bike & can help me get it back ill give you a cash reward
    email me @ whelansv

    thank u ,

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  • Oops this is what the bike looks like ( minus chain guard )

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  • Mate had two bikes nicked from inside his flat last night. Roman road bethnal green.
    Both pretty individual.

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  • Second bike.
    He's obvs gutted.

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Stolen bikes

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