Stolen bikes

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  • You had me at 'PROTOCOL SHIELDERS'.

  • Corey's post is gone. Now what will we do?

  • Saw this on Facebook marketplace. No mention of the frame being a rock lobster in the title/description. Seller looks like a young teenager. Seems odd.­m/519401248781282/

  • Suspicious black medium size Giant Propel Advanced Pro 1 on Gumtree. "No purchase history" in words of the seller. Might be stolen.­-propel-advanced-carbon-frame-2019/13629­00244

  • The photos are shockingly poor if it's not stolen

  • Stolen from St Paul’s this evening. Please get in touch if seen

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  • Later I discovered he had stolen my identity and was impersonating me online for financial gain.

    If your identity's been stolen how do we know this is really you?

  • Edit: I checked out a well known dodgy bike yard in the city centre and it was there. I "recovered" it. Please DON'T throw a lock on it if you see it! Thanks all.

    Probably no point in posting here but my Muddy Fox was stolen last night in Dublin.


  • Will keep eyes peeled! Saw this in town once and was admiring it.

  • Thanks a mill! Didn't think thieves would bother with it. Got lazy about using my faghettaboutdit lock and just used the kryto mini

  • Lost a bike I built back in 2012. I didn't spare any expense with it. Built everything, including the wheelset, to last forever and be rock solid.

    I can't believe I can't find photos of it!

    Extremely distinctive:

    • Velo Orange bolt on cog bolted onto a Shimano mountain bike hub
    • Adamo Peloton weird prostate saving seat - extremely well worn ( :( )
    • Shimano Dura-Ace 7600 crankset
      -Goldfinger brake
      -Red/white fade Paul Milnes frameset

    If anyone sees this monster around, please let me know as I am more heartbroken than I thought I'd be.

  • I've seen this bike abandoned- if anyone recognises it them send me a PM

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  • Forum does the job, post reached the owner

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  • Hahaha I'm glad it wasn't lost or stolen then. Figured it may have been nicked and then dumped. At least a nice soft bed was chosen for it?

  • My black Bobbin Metropole was nicked from my garden on Friday 7th Feb, possibly at night. It wasn’t locked because I was cocky confident that no one steals/buys granny bikes, preferring the more sporty/advanced models! Please keep a look out for it; I hate thinking the thief has dumped it because it can’t be sold on. I am also suspicious that I was being followed/watched because the garden cannot be looked into from the street by an opportunist. I love in Newham, east London.

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  • You do what in Newham?

  • Women's Cannondale Synapse 105 2016 Model (black with pink and white)

    Stolen by Lauriston roundabout, East London. The bike was locked up, and theft used an angle grinder on the lock. :(

    Two bottle cages on, no mudguards no rack, had Mavic wheels (no stickers on the wheels) with gatorskin tyres, and a cheap tatty looking seat which is cracking at the edges + cheap Aldi lights on.

    Please get in touch if spotted.


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  • Ha! Live, I live in Newham. Sometimes tolerate, sometimes endure, rarely hate, but love...well that’s for another thread.

  • Just had 3 bikes stolen from a shed/cupboard here

    Cannondale scalpel2 (2011) - white/berseker green

    2 one off bikes -

    Gaulzetti Cabron cx bike
    My custom engineered winter bike. Etap hrd and swarf carbon mudguards included...
    Will find and upload pics as soon as possible

  • Engineered (before Etap fitted and swarf mudguards)

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  • That sucks...... Am I correct in assuming that it happened in London?

  • More recent pic

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  • Gaulzetti Cabron - not many of these around

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  • Yep, SW near Richmond Park

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Stolen bikes

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