Stolen bikes

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  • Gah, Ruth-Anna (@bikesandbabies on Twitter) has had her lovely BabboeCity filched from her front garden in E5.

    Can folks keep an eye out for it? Ta.

  • Fuck^
    People on her thread are suggesting it was nicked to order. Who would buy this?!?

  • Pic of said bike

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  • Make me wonder as these are so costly that if this wouldn’t end up in Holland or elsewhere on the continent. Much like stolen motorbikes.
    It’s very recognisable here and very in demand and one of many there.

    Really hope I’m wrong and this gets back to where it belongs.

  • I've been waiting to see evidence of bikes being stolen to order for years, but haven't yet seen any. As cars get stolen to order, it's certainly possible, but the most likely scenario is that thieves target bikes kept in a predictable place overnight--that's always been one of the main reasons why sheds etc. are targeted. Many people now have metal sheds in their front gardens that are noisy to open, and I've heard of very few successful thefts from those, but cargo bikes obviously don't fit into them.

    There's also the possibility that thieves just look at anti-social media where people talk about their bikes, a bit like that thing a few years ago where people apparently laid a trail via Strava for thieves to find where x number of expensive bikes were kept.

  • they sometimes get stolen just for the battery then dumped, happened to a rise and muller recently. Wheel lock on, so manhandled to a quiet street, then stripped of the battery

  • If it's locked outside in the same place daily they could have taken pictures and sold it to someone who wouldn't know or even think and then gone to steal it after.

  • Good news @r_mash :)

  • A friend has had his Brompton nicked from Brick Lane market this morning:

    2018 Brompton M6R Black Edition in Matt Orange.
    Distinctive features: Black edition has black wheels, bars & seatpost. Hardly any of the Black Editon have a rack but this one does. Also front dynamo hub and telescopic seat post with 2 QRs

    If you see any sign of it please send a message

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  • Had the handlebars, hydro shifters & rival 1 RD nicked off my arkose at some point today, was locked up outside UCLH. No idea if they knew what they were getting or just instinctively knew to filch the priciest bits 😤

  • They are after the shifters which they know sell well.

    Have seen quite a few in the past couple of months, photos below of one of which the handlebar, stem and shifters were nicked from Hoxton.

    How the cables were cut indicates that the culprit had quite some time to cut them off. Pair of scissors perhaps?

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  • Just Stolen from Kingston

    Kinesis Aeithein Evo Disc 53cm - New Purple Colourway, Mavic open pro rims on hope silver hubs and spokes, zipp service course sl stem 120, Dura Ace 9120 groupset - very distinctive as not many about and brand new colourway.

    The fucker was in lycra and sped off into Kingston town centre - if anyone comes across it please let me know!

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  • Anyone missing a small Cinelli Experience? Not a tingle in the shorts... this on gumtree looks well dodgy over in Lambeth - £250 and willing to deal... here

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  • Gutting. Particularly when it "looks" like one of our own. He must have locked his bike somewhere so probably came back later for his ratter. Actually probably wrong there, as I know it makes robbers less conspicuous wearing the kit as there was a guy at a tube station. Piece of crap human anyhow. I wish you the best of luck. It my be worth seeing if there are any other video cameras on that street.

  • Dodgy is having 7 ads for 6 different bikes at the same time

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  • @coventry_eagle Unfortunately this seems to be getting worse. We have 4 bikes in the workshop awaiting new parts. This is the latest batch. In the past 6 months I think we've had to replace the front end of around 10 bikes.

  • Same with us too...

  • Wonder if the Cycle Task Force ever bother to read this thread. That fucker in Lambeth needs jailtime.

  • ... and wtf with that Kinesis being nicked, parked outside a bikeshop?

  • Here in N16 we’ve had three in the last week. We’ve probably seen about 30-40 bikes with their cockpits stolen this year.

  • Any idea on how well equipped thieves are these days? Trying to decide if it’s worth to go on a look for these bolts

  • Probably not that we'll equipped but I'd be more inclined to go down the Hexlox route just for peace of mind

  • Exactly what I’ve done. Two stem faceplate bolts, one stem clamp, headset top bolt, both brake lever clamps, saddle clamp and seatpost bolt all fitted with Hexlox. Not cheap but neither is losing your entire front end.

  • She deserves a visit from some keen cyclists in the Met. She's like a Mrs Fagin for bikes. Good spot on the others.

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Stolen bikes

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