Stolen bikes

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  • Any news on Canyon recovery (fingers crossed)?

  • @HoKe I’m gonna go to Vauxhall Sunday market to see if it shows up there. I guess people should go to brick lane today

  • I realise this is probably too late, but I'm in rotherhithe. Anything I can do to help? There's a known bike lockup round here where it seems a gang keep their stolen bikes. Happy to point you in the direction of it and come help confront

  • Jazzy, very distinctive S-Works stolen from my friends house in Newington Green yesterday. This was her replacement bike after her Canyon Aeroad was stolen from the same flat a month ago.

    Mechanical Durace
    Rotor 3D+ cranks with power meter spider
    Bontrager Aeolus Pro 3 wheelset (not the Enve pictured, but they look the same)

    Thankfully the titanium Pretorius was elsewhere.

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  • Lovely bike, that sucks.

  • ^^Your friend's horrible experience sadly shows that if you have been burgled once you are much more likely to be burgled again unless you can increase the house's security.

  • They were so pissed off by their insurance company for the last claim they didn't renew the contract, they were shopping around for insurance when this happened.

  • That’s shit. I learned the lesson at uni when we were burgled 4 times in 9 weeks by the same lot of arseholes (police found evidence of 3 out of 4 in one of their houses). Until we (quite obviously) has a burglar alarm installed they came and went with impunity.

  • Well, that sucks.

  • Although this might be suggesting that you close the gate after the horse has bolted, you might want to change the picture so as not to advertise the other bike in the background? You never know who is lurking.

  • That and the previous theft sound as if they may have known what was there, perhaps from anti-social media posts. Sorry to hear about the loss, especially the lack of insurance. And yes, beef up security. As spj7 suggests, best to edit your post.

  • Here's a bike that was found:­ondon-s-longest-bike-back-home-with-fami­ly-after-thieves-find-it-too-hot-to-hand­le-a4288341.html

    I don't think it's the only one of this length in London. Three sightings of triplets with additional child seats that I know of were one that went past Souths once, one I once saw in the King's Road, and another I saw in Clapton (last year, if memory serves). Anyway, it's very good that they have it back.

  • Anyone South missing an e-trike?

  • I spotted a guy in Daubeney fields (Lower Clapton) riding what is likely to be the MTB stolen from me about 3 years ago. Anyone else spotted him, it's definitely not a common sight on the street of Hackney.

  • Anyone lost a Trek FX 3 in the NW5 area?

    I just retrieved one after running after, and confronting the bike thief.

  • I hope you're making your way swiftly to the nearest police station to hand it in. Good on you for stepping in

  • I will be.

    Just giving it a couple of hours before doing so in case the owner turns up. Lot of local businesses in the area including gyms, so have been busy speaking with lots of people, and checking out CCTV coverage to see if we can find the owner who parked the bike (and identify the thief).

    "Most police forces can't help with found bicycles. You can check whether the bike has been reported stolen at"­ost-or-found-property/found-item-with-se­rial-number/?lid=&cid=&rid=5&stepid=1-2-­2-1

  • Top bloke. Hope you're around if/when my bike gets stolen.

  • 10/10 behaviour and attitude, big up yourself

  • It must be @George_Sportif back with a different username.

    However, it should be noted that people confronting thieves have in the past sometimes been threatened with weapons, so worth being aware of that. Glad it didn't happen in this case, and well done.

  • nice work!!

    if you saw where it was stolen from (can't tell from the post), could you possibly create a little note for the owner, with an email address* to contact you with the frame number or some other info that proves they're legit?

    *maybe make a new gmail along the lines of something like 'stolenFX3@...'

  • @heavisides Good idea. Will do that.

  • Anyone had a cargobike nicked? Brixton Cycles may have it ...

  • Saw this on eBay...

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Stolen bikes

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