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  • Just had my arkose x stolen from Sainsbury’s at the bottom of lower Clapton road opposite St. John’s church

    XL frame in custard/mustard yellow

    Tubus rear rack

    All stock spec apart from the handlebars were pro vibe sprint cavendish models

    Spec :­ose-x-2019-adventure-road-bike-EV339949?­wiz_medium=cpc&wiz_source=google&wiz_cam­paign=UK%20-%20Shopping%20-%20Mobile%20-­%20Forme%20-%20Bikes&wiz_content=UK%20-%­20Mobile%20-%20Forme%20-%20Bikes%20-%20G­ender%20-%20Female&wiz_term=*%20/%20Prod­uct%20type=bikes%20/%20Brand=*%20/%20Cus­tom%20label%203=*&gclid=Cj0KCQiA-4nuBRCn­ARIsAHwyuPpFSlEJWVBY4cRCkIunLTgFU_iY8xiw­vxctle2jzZZ4waDrfIMxsuoaAmUqEALw_wcB

    If anyone sees anything please let me know! There’d be a reward for it’s safe return

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  • Sorry to hear that. How was it locked? Were you in there just for a shop or was it left for longer?

  • Just with a basic knog lock around the rear wheel and frame.

    Less than 5 mins in the shop but that’s obviously More than enough time for most locks

    Annoyingly I’ve been waiting for my partner to return my d-lock after having borrowed it and no one was at the cctv/security booth they have at the front of the shop

  • Unfortunately Knog make fashion accessories not security products

  • I’m well aware, thanks for your reassurance

  • Less than 5 mins in the shop but that’s obviously More than enough time for most locks

    Only if you run into a gang in a van. Most non-cable locks can't be cracked in that time unless people have massive bolt croppers with them (and even then, it depends on where it is on the bike). But yes, cable locks are basically worse than useless even if a less well-equipped thief comes along.

    Do report the theft to police even if they can't follow it up. Every report reveals the true scale of the problem, and one reason why enforcement effort against bike theft has long been stop-start, despite great efforts by good police officers, is because there is so much non-reporting.

  • Reporting it first thing tomorrow, I agree it’s really important to help highlight the scale of the issue.

    Too busy beating myself up this evening for being very short sighted. my partner is in tears as she is blaming herself for borrowing my lock and asking me to pick up dinner which is silly of course but it’ll take some convincing.

  • Oliver please get fucked. I was talking about Knog marketing shit products to the public not victim blaming.

  • I'm sure you were, but that's not how it came across.

    Sorry my joke was in bad taste, though. I've edited it.

  • hi guys,

    my friend was mugged again in tottenham area by youths on the river lea towpath. he is very scared as they wanted kill him. took his bike and wallet and tried to get his pin number. a ferryman spotted what was going on and when they must have headed off he quickly took him to the boat and locked the door. they cameback looking for him. whats the thread we had regarding these muggings on lfgss. im sure someone created one as he wants to shary his story.

    thanks and shocked at the violance

  • Towpaths are always dodgy. Glad your friend is ok but provably best to avoid in future. Especially alone and after dark.

  • There was another one last night with about 15 guys taking a guys stuff by markfield park, just about to post about it in the other thread

  • Just had my bike stolen from the rack by the main entrance to Waitrose at Canopy Market Kings Cross

    Grey Ridgeback Flight 3.0, black fenders, black foam seat, handlebar horns, was with led lights but they're probably not on it anymore.

    If anyone sees it, please let me know! There will be a reward for the bike recovery.

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  • It's like they don't give a shit and clearly cops have no interest in policing riverbanks. So it's an easy target. Not just bikes, but personal stuff as well. Wallets, phones...

  • Anyone lost an e-trike?

  • My colleagues bike got nicked at some point today at Columbia road Market.
    It was badly locked, front wheel with a Kryptonite d-lock to a stand and the rest of the bike with a cable that comes with a lock. Of course he only found a front wheel once got back.
    No picture, but it’s a regular Foffa, large/58ish at a guess, pearly baby blue with all silver parts, might still have both full mudguards in silver, bullhorns with brown tape and a matching colour saddle, but it’s one of those extra comfy extra padded Dutch bike kinda thing, really out of place on that bike.
    Not much hope to get it back but it would be great to hear if anyone spots something similar.
    It most likely will have a mismatched front wheel.


  • Hi everyone,

    My bike was stolen from outside Cool Cuts hairdresser in Roman Road this morning, if anyone sees it or perhaps a suspicious person riding around on it in the area or sees it for sale please alert me on 07551225315. Any and all help is appreciated 😔

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  • Kate's TJD was stolen today at some point from the bus station in Norwich. If anyone sees it or any identifying components (Shimano dyno/WTB KOM wheelset, Middleburn cranks with red spider, scuffed SRAM carbon SS levers) for sale. anywhere please let me know

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  • Beautiful bike. Best of luck finding it

  • sharing for a rider local to me, stolen from Halstead, Essex so i hope its ok to share..i do regularly look at this thread in hope of aiding others, to check if a bike ive seen at a boot sale belongs to anyone etc. I have been a victim of bike theft myself and it was very gutting. Anyhow i'm sure the guy thats lost not just a bike, but everything he has worked for stolen in one hit est value 40k, would be thankful if you have a look out for this $£%^ .­10221409301325134&set=pcb.10221408422143­155&type=3&theater

    some of the bikes but other items taken too in 2 new etap groupsets, wheels etc

  • STOLEN BIKE ALERT: folks, please keep an eye out for my Canyon Ultimate CF SLX road bike. Even though it was D locked, it was still taken this evening outside my office in Oval. (From 4pm to 7pm)

    It is quite an unique bike with every parts bespoke compare to a standard stock bike.

    The parts included:

    Dura ace di2 groupset
    Rotor 3D crankset with Power2Max power meter
    Pro vibe seatpost, stem and handlebars
    Rapha saddle and handlebar tape
    Chris King hubs laced to light bicycle rims
    Vittoria Corsa G tan wall tyres
    Speedplay pedals
    Elite bottle cage

    I know the chances seeing it again is close to zero, but if the off chance you see it please lock it up and contact me.

    Many thanks.

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  • What ! Nooo... lets keep an eye out

  • From the marking on the d lock I think they broke the bike frame and the spoke to get tho the bike. Most likely to be sold off for parts.

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Stolen bikes

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