Stolen bikes

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    possible stolen bike? way too cheap. anyones bike here?

  • My bike was stolen 2 nights ago outside Wahaca Shoreditch; it's like losing a limb!

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  • Did you get it back? Hope so.

  • Keep your eyes peeled for this if possible!

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  • wife and I bike jacked yesterday on the river lea towpath around Tottenham. Two guys jumped us and pretended to have knives. maybe they did...

    Genesis Datums both - white one is a 30 from 2016, blue is a 20 from 2018.

    Reward if found.

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  • Glad you're OK. I've posted it in the Springfield muggings thread.

  • They'll be local scrotes hanging around the towpath, and probably got form for doing similar. They might be known to the police, so fingers crossed. Really sorry to hear this but on the plus side, if there is one, these are very distinctive bikes.

  • Can you say exactly where this happened and the time of day?

  • Happened 5 October around 6pm

  • Grim. Glad you're ok.

  • Sorry don’t mean to drag it out but can you be more specific on where this happened? South of Tottenham Hale or North? I used the tow path twice yesterday North of TH it’s possible I might have seen something.

  • Sure. Here’s an annotated map of where it happened. I’d be very cautious about biking around here unless there are a lot of other people around.

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  • Thanks - that’s further south of where I would have been. Really sorry this happened and hope it hasn’t put you off cycling

  • Not put off... doubling down. But I’ll avoid certain areas now on that kind of posh bike. Any ideas on less conspicuous road bikes?

  • If anyone has lost a bike outside Oxford House in Bethnal Green (by Weavers Fields) PM me. A friend intercepted some thieves and they managed to get the bike back. I think it’s been handed in to the police.

    Also careful if your bike is locked around there, two guys with an angle grinder and they cut through x2 D locks on the bike.

  • Mate had his Trek e-mtb stolen from outside Westfield Shep Bush at lunchtime today. Two d-locks cut through in broad daylight. What else are you supposed to do? It’s getting ridiculous now.

  • Tie an Alsatian to the bike

  • Had my Cinelli Zydeco pinched from Parsons Green last night - pretty distinctive, XL rainbow frame with some nice Zipp finishing kit, and a weird white metal bottle cage in the shape of an owl. Please sling a lock on it and drop me a message if you see it!

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  • Turn the bike upside down - trufax.

  • hi lads I am still looking for my bike (stolen 2 weeks ago tomorrow) one local person told me they had seen it in Tooting, if anyone is in that area and you see it please put a lock on it and post on here. Thanks.

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Stolen bikes

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