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  • Friend just had this Dolan Preffisio stolen from Shoreditch

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  • Hello guys is anyone seen this bike is been stolen from lasteeek saturday, basically i came out from work and way back to go home ive seen my padlock was been cut, please lock it up for me and let me know if anyone seen this lovely fast bike, its a steel fuji bike single speed, thank you @stolen in soho

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  • My partner's dad has had his Focus Raven Elite stolen in Wye, Kent. It appears pretty well planned as they came with the right tools to open the shed it was stored in and didn't take the other bike that was in there. He's so unbelievably upset and having a really shitty year as it is so, if something does pop up...

    I've asked for some identifiers and have been given this: "On handle bar is an expensive GoPro mount. Right rear wheel frame (upper) has been scratched and a repair to paint work carried out. Handle bar head stock has non standard top washer and mount for iPhone. Mount made by SP gadgets." And he's switched out the tyres to Maxxis something or others, I'm not too sure.

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  • Hi! Please keep an eye my bike got stolen from the door of Premier Royal Alfred shop, 101 Manor Road, Erith, Da8 AQ. Today at 9:50am.
    Young white male, blond hair, he ran with it. I am unable to run so couldn’t chase. It is a Cannondale super six Ultegra disc, Yellow Floro, with Favero duo pedals. The most stand out part is the saddle, it is a Fizik's Antares covered with the word 'TEST' in multiple colours. thanks. Javier.
    See pictures here.­cannondale-supersix-ebony-disc/

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  • Nice bike sorry it got stolen.

  • This is scary. Wtf is going on out there?

  • A friend of mine’s bike was stolen on Lordship Lane today

    This is an old pic but the parts are all the same (seatpost at my height here as I rode it to him after putting it together)

    Sigma road frame in very distinctive colour, dull gold mavic rims and set up 1x9 with Shimano derailleur and trigger shifter. Please keep your eyes peeled and pm me if spotted :)


  • Also, one of the two cable stops on the top tube has been repaired. Makes it quite easy to identify. Cheers!

  • I’m planning to go and see if I can spot my bike on Brick lane market this Sunday. Anyone else planning to go?
    Also, does anyone know what time is best to get there? Cheers.

  • Ben P on Shpock seems to be selling quite a few."second hand" bikes.

    Looks dodgy as fuck IMO

  • Lots of nicked bikes have recently turned up in Leytonstone:­s/1159932425457328128

    Presumably the police’ll be checking frame numbers against crime reports…

  • Thank you guys appriciated

  • A friends bike was stolen around 30 Borough High Street on Tuesday/Wednesday. She left it overnight...

    Here’s a pic just incase —

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  • Anybody lost a cinelli mash in this colourway?

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  • Anyone lost this?

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  • Bowman Palace R
    Zipp 303 Wheels
    Orange bottle cages
    Ultegra Di2
    Orange and Green Frame fit pump

    Stolen from Green park on 19/08/2019

    Last seen in Uxbridge Road, Ealing on 19/08/2019 at 5.15pm

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  • seen a lot of handlebars being pinched of late. Snipping the cables and taking them the stem

    dozens of cases in london

  • Where do you see the dozens of cases?

    It's been happening for a long time, although I've never heard of dozens of cases in close temporal proximity--quite possibly because these offences haven't been reported to police much. I've been convinced for some time that there's at least one person who's been going around Central London doing this quite consistently, though. I can't imagine too many people would have had the same modus operandi.

  • morning

    I found a bike- it looks dumped- wasn't really rideable & it's not really the kind of bike that would get stolen (v ratty etc.)

    how do I reasonably determine it wasn't stolen? if it was, I'd like to get it back to the owner plus wouldn't want to spend the effort fixing it

    the local scallies will steal anything here...

  • anyone missing this :

  • "Chav" would have been a good balancer to all the west indian/black derivatives.

  • someone knicked my bike from outside ashington house in bethnal green on friday, i would rly rly like her back, her names sadie, and i love her. but as her frame has no logo and im silly and never checked serial number police told me they have no way of identifying even if they do recover :/// so thought id post here in case anyone sees her:

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  • Maybe certain words were favoured because I'm not caucasian

  • Because of where it was stolen would definitely suggest getting down to Brick Lane tomorrow

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Stolen bikes

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