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  • How was it locked?

  • Pretty bad with plastic locks cos that day I didn’t feel like to carry heavy locks,was not not planning to shop at Stratford city. Left for 10min and it was gone. Will never do same mistake again.

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  • Bummer. That's where I lock when I have to head to W*stf**ld. I've always thought it's a bit isolated, though next to a busy road. Not many people walking past.

    There were bike locking bits amongst the outdoor shops section, but they were removed for whatever reason.

  • Cinelli track bike with Stayer rear wheel stolen from communal bike shed last night. E9. Was locked up with two locks and both cut through. Posted to Stolenride etc.

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  • Anyone lost a Charge Plug lately? This sale seems very suspect. I've messaged the ebayer asking for more details, they blanked me a couple of times then when I asked for location for potential pickup they literally just posted the postcode only 'N1 0SL'

  • Looking on their completed listings, there are several other budget road bikes and a lot of iphones. 100% dodgy

  • A friend had both of these stolen from the stairwell of their flat in Limehouse last week.

    The Maruishi is nothing special (just annoying to have it pinched) but the Brompton is really nice, 1st generation model (I think?) with some sentimental value as it belonged to their Grandfather who was a big cyclist.

    If anyone sees either of these anywhere please let me know - thanks!

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  • ****STOLEN BIKE*****


    Stolen on Saturday (06.07) - between 1:30/2pm outside 'Stour Space' cafe in Hackney Wick - London! A group of 3 people (1female/2male) were seen by a black sports car blasting music as they cut through the kryptonite d-lock with an angle grinder power tool. Please keep an eye out for this bike! It is logged online with Bike Register and the police are investigating the crime.

    If anyone saw anything please contact me with further information! Please share - I have a triathlon in 3 weeks and no longer have a bike!

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    • Charlie Leech - Cannondale CAAD8 105 - 2015 model.jpg

    Raw finish On-One Pompino - with black topeak rear rack and twin black panniers (picture pre-dates them). Black Shimano Alfine crankset (i built this bike myself so it is pretty unique).

    Today (10/7/19) I had my On-One Pompino stolen from my place of work in Slough. It was stolen from the underground car park which needed a key card to gain access, between 9am - 5.30pm. Broad, I know, but work are reviewing CCTV in the morning. I have reported it to police, but please keep an eye out if you see it if you live or work in the area.

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  • Cinelli mash histogram stolen

    10th July 2019 at 11.10am at Fora central street. As pictured below, frame with green fabric saddle, Shimano mtb pedals, pepper risers and cinelli grips.

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  • Kona Unit 29er as seen here. Taken in Reading overnight. Fairly distinctive, so if seen message me.

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  • Bummer.

  • Tosers. Will keep an eye out.

  • Had only just put my LFGSS stickers on it. And a new rear brake.

    Oh well I'm sure there's a lovely 29er rigid replacement out there.

  • ::STOLEN:: on Wednesday 17th July

    A colleague has had their OPEN MTB stolen on Wednesday in North London. High-end build and recognisable. Am hoping it's unique enough that someone might spot it if it's around. Keep an eye out in East London also.

    If you have any info, please message me urgently.

  • ^sorry to hear this. It really is worth keeping eyes peeled... last week I recovered my Genesis from an oik who was riding it by Whittington hospital ( had been stolen 6 weeks earlier in Tufnell Park).

  • How did that negotiation go?


    Pearlescent, green Dave Russell handmade track frame, iPhone 7+ and JBL Flip 4speaker robbed by 4 black males - I chased them in the hope he'd stack it but I lost him. Used Find My iPhone on a random’s phone and saw he was in an estate in Tottenham, went looking but no joy.

    The bike had Hexlox security on the wheels, saddle, stem and post so they’ll have a hard job taking it apart so there’s a good chance someone will be riding it around as a complete rig.

    Any sightings or news would be MASSIVELY appreciated, fucking loved that bike.

    Thanks x

    0330 July 20th
    Stoke Newington High Street

    Pearlescent dark green handmade custom track frame
    Velocity 700c rims (secured with Hexlox Nuts)
    BLB track hubs
    Continental Gatorskin tyres
    Miche Primato Crankset (gearing is 48/15)
    KMC Chain
    BLB Road Rat Riser Bars
    BLB button grips
    Pinarello 3T steel stem (secured with Hexlox Nuts)
    MKS GR-9 Gear pedals
    BLB plastic double cages
    Exustar double 2 layer leather straps
    Specialized Axis 1.0 calipers
    Thomson Layback Seatpost (secured with Hexlox Nuts)
    Brooks Cambium C17 saddle (secured with Hexlox Nuts)
    Lezyne Micro Drive 500XL Front Light
    Lezyne Zecto Drive 80 Rear Light
    Quad Lock Out Front iPhone mount
    Black iPhone 7+
    JBL Flip 4 Speaker

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  • You were mugged on Stoke Newington High Street at 3:30am? I'm sure I don't have to ask, but presumably you've reported it to the police? Losing a bike is one thing, getting mugged is another. I'll look out for it, as it is rather striking. Good luck.

  • Thanks mate.

    I'd spent £150 on Hexlox nuts so the seat post, saddle, wheels and headset can't be removed so it'll almost certainly stay as the full rig

  • Two fancy Canyons stolen from my friend's flat in Newington Green this weekend.

    Aeroad in medium w/ Ultegra Di2, red accents on one bottle cage

    Ultimate CF SL in extra large w/ Ultegra

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  • This summer is definitely seeing a rise in bike thefts.

  • Hi,
    My Specialized Sequoia Elite 2018 was stolen on Saturday night (20/07) from secured bike storage in Woodberry Down Apartments. I had it secured with Kryptonite lock but those f***rs cut in two places with a grinder in order to get it...serial number WSBC619...thanks

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  • So have you reported it to the police?

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Stolen bikes

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